Wodonga Skatepark

Pearce St, Wodonga VIC 3690 (off the road to Beechworth - Wodonga 306 km north east of Melbourne - population 29,000)

Large concrete park with snake run and loads and loads of extensions.

Wodonga Skatepark

Wodonga Skatepark

Wodonga Skatepark

Wodonga Skatepark

Wodonga Skatepark

Wodonga Skatepark

Wodonga Skatepark

Wodonga Skatepark

Wodonga Skatepark

Wodonga Skatepark

Wodonga Skatepark

Wodonga Skatepark

Wodonga Skatepark

Wodonga Skatepark

Wodonga Skatepark

Wodonga Skatepark

Wodonga Skatepark

RE: Wodonga extension

Wodonga extension

RE: Santa Crux Oz Tour Vid

Santa Crux Oz Tour Vid


  1. CRITTER!!!

    not worth 5 stars

  2. azzafreds

    shittest skatepark, worth about 2 stars

  3. azzafreds

    john juric is the best skater around wodonga, and colin quest is awesome aswell

  4. linton brooks


  5. His_Infernal

    hahaha Linton your the dam Hippie .... ive seen you.

  6. linton brooks

    thanks His_Infernal

  7. slimy_yet_satisfying

    im not liking linton or his infernal


    fuck u slimy_yet_satisfrying

  9. roll4eva

    i agree with u slimy_yet_satisfying

  10. Sk8 For Fukin Life

    whats wrong with u drugo

  11. JOSHWAH!!

    i agree with CRITTER!!!

  12. Luke wilson

    john juric is my hero!

  13. beers & cheers

    john is my hero too! 360 flips & early grabs..

  14. tradeflip!!!!!

    Lets go sk8ing my homies

  15. tradeflip!!!!!

    better than your home park joshwa you faggot

  16. tradeflip!!!!!

    there isn`t any skaters there anymore mainly bikers that are gay

  17. beers n cheers

    have you guys heard of josh young

  18. tinbum

    there are heaps a skaters around dong.

  19. ToMbE

    can somebody plz add me to the forum--- tombe@westnet.com.au

  20. M 2 da A

    Not worth 5 stars but is way better than albury. Fuck albury

  21. little jonny

    sik dde

  22. little jonny

    sik dde

  23. Geoff Newton

    Why would this place be worth 5 stars? The concrete is rough as and the angle of the main bank is too sharp and steep. Also, the quarter next to the main bank is too mellow and the coping doesn't stick out enough. The dents in the coping are accident prone as I have slammed after grinding right into a dent in the snake run coping; however, the snake run is my favourite part of the Wodonga skatepark. The rail no longer exists.

  24. wodongaskate

    still good for a sesh with one new flat bar there

  25. McTavish

    Alright place, but axed my self bad on the 4ft half pipe on the side becuase of a extremely bad concrete job, but besides that its good.

  26. phill_skate4life

    this park is not worth 5 stars...the concrete job is dodgy as

  27. josh is sk8er

    sic park but 2 many gay biker fags

  28. seanbritt

    best parts the manny pad its supa long

  29. Naish

    this park doesnt even look 3 stars

  30. convicted sk8er

    get that bmker out

  31. skate*

    whats wrong with this park its looks fine

  32. Night_sesh

    Naish : this park doesnt even look 3 stars dude go there and you'll cahnge your mind. its sick. good round bar. nice snake run. 3/4 of a bowl thats nice good manual pad and big funbox

  33. PaperBagMan555

    Looks Okay, 4* for me.

  34. welterweight

    Could some1 activ8 me plz! eight-ball02@hotmail.com

  35. JOKAHA

    meh, more like 3 stars


    this is a good park but it needs a new concreat job but the rest is mad

  37. jelly

    activate please angelogarcia@iprimus.com.au thanks


    fuck any of you cunts that dis this park, its fucking rad as bikes fuck you skater cunts go die. this park has the raddest hips ever bro people travle from melboure just to ride our gnarley hips

  39. stevoooooooo

    they also come from melbourne to shave your hairy cum stained balls u dirty maggot dong is chat

  40. rory.r

    im goin there in like a week

  41. powell skater


  42. pupavac-bmx

    this place is sick as. i was caravaning near by and herd of the place and had my bike but never got the chance to go down there. spewing that i didnt

  43. Liv4853

    this is so not worth 5 stars more like 2.

  44. scooterfag

    iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii'''''''''''mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ppppppppppppppppprrrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeetttttttttttttyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy fucking sure you's are all gay its a sick park to ride !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and so is ya mum she loves the dick .

  45. greendayskater

    Damn, look at the guy in photo one :S

  46. Liv4853

    this is my local it is crap.

  47. adamlowe

    looks pretty rough. not worth 5 star

  48. Sk8A Ladd

    If there were updated photos it would be worth 5-6 stars! It so good now!

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