Sale Skatepark

Cullinen Park, Foster St, Princes Highway Sale VIC 3850 (Next to the council chambers - 214 km east of Melbourne; Sale population: 13,900)

Steel quater and pyramid that is a peice. New bowl with spine, hip and corner extension looks like fun. There is also a new bank with ledge and rail going into the street course. Thanks Goldie for the pics.

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Designer - Concrete Skateparks [+]



Sale Skatepark

Sale Skatepark

Sale Skatepark

Sale Skatepark

Sale Skatepark

Sale Skatepark

RE: Sale Facelift

Sale Facelift

Sale Facelift

Sale Facelift


  1. Lachlan Norris

    this park is a fucking deathwish, the bolts holding the quarterpipes to the ground are broken and the transition on one side of the box is fucked


    it looks great from road im going on z weekend

  3. stoo

    the euro gap rulez

  4. izaak carrington

    best built park ever, the bowls fucking gnar, heaps of lines, perfect tranny

  5. PaperBagMan555

    Looks Gud... Should be 4*

  6. Skeenz(SALE)

    cant beleave your giving it the same rating as maffra it deserve 4 star

  7. ThatSkatingKid

    yeah it's a pretty good park. i've skated better but it's a good park for a trash town.

  8. Jordan Avon

    looks like a pretty sick park does anyone know if there a dekline demo here this saturday and what are the names of the skate/surf shops here

  9. izaak carrington

    theres a demo on the 15 of november , check jerome at the kurb skateshop !

  10. numnum

    this park is da best ae

  11. rory.r

    im goin to the demo with a couple of mates should be fun the kurb skateshops so much better than inland surf heaps of 8 inch decks there

  12. wil daly

    rory has a 2 inch cock

  13. Jordie7

    what skaters will be at the demo

  14. rory.r

    fuck up wil your not coming any way you cant even kickflip your an embarassment go kill your self you scumbag

  15. wil daly

    hahahahahaha you hooked with amy oliver whaaaaaaat

  16. will gnar

    will daly get a different name

  17. rory.r

    is that thingo still on the 15th

  18. wil daly

    umm nah becuase you know I am a proper forum member whilst you are just a half member lol who are you anyway? bairnsdale local

  19. wil daly

    whats happening with the demo this saturday

  20. Jordie7

    is it still on the 15th and what riders will be there and what times it start and shit anyone got the number for kurb skateshop

  21. will gnar

    im will ryan or will Ge nar as rory calls me.

  22. rory.r


  23. wil daly

    it starts at like 1pm paul battlay will be there

  24. will gnar

    i know of him. is this still the dekline demo thing?

  25. wil daly

    there is gonna be a little demo (I dont think dekline) and maybe a comp with give aways and shit. There might be a BMX comp also cause i got some bmx buddies who are going up to sale for a comp the same day.


    wil daly yore a gay cunt

  27. will gnar

    oi wil activate my email

  28. rory.r

    fuckin gay bikers are annoying

  29. rory.r

    will activation complete if wil hasnt done it yet

  30. wil daly

    who the fuck are you joe?

  31. numnum

    best park in all of victoria bitches

  32. wil daly


  33. Curb rox!!

    Local skate shop is CURB BITCHES

  34. jeza

    Kurb skate shop wants to thank all the guest riders from goliath and everyone who joined us for a great day of shredding on Sat. 15 . nov jez

  35. jeza

    Kurb skateboard shop is the only local sk8 shop 64 Macarthur st. # 03 5144 5054

  36. rory.r

    thanks jeza i was there

  37. albert durbano

    thanks jeza it was worth the trip up to sale for the day thanks heaps for the tents and stuff

  38. my name is

    i like pie

  39. crocky

    this sk8 park is the shizz man every sik bmx riders shuld go there

  40. Curb rox!!

    Sam and Jimmy tapped @ this park

  41. Curb rox!!

    Good as demo small quater gets slippery though

  42. numnum

    if there is a better skate park then this email me at if not dont bother

  43. rory.r

    numnum be the fuck quite theres like 100000000 better parks than this

  44. nareik

    bowl looks coool

  45. ilovecock

    kurb skate shop eats rectum

  46. lanyard_turk

    locals only

  47. W.j.P

    hay this skate park is the best i have been hear so many times i have made a couple of youtide vid's here its sick as. i think it is moree then 3 stars. it was really shit and then they got the bowl and shit it is wicked. and the guy thaat owns the kurb skate shop is a sick skater. i say that everybody should ride at sale its sick.

  48. daniel gierens

    this park is fucken awsome and i dont even live in sale but i go there sumtimes

  49. sammyskaterkid :)

    the local shop is kurb .. not bloody inland surf.... inland is as gay as aids

  50. Danna69

    i go here every night and it fucken rox

  51. Danna69

    sale deserves a way better ratting then maffra and toora??

  52. Max Cooper.

    Bowl is great, Euro gap is really good.. They should realign the large quarter pipe so it faces the bank heading towards the bowl and they should replace that funbox and put some more ledges.

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