Princess Gardens, Malvern Road, Prahran Vic 3181 (Two blocks from Chapel Street, Prahran which is 6 km south east of Melbourne City Centre with a population of 42,664)

Huge 14 ft metal vert ramp. Good little metal mini. Really good ledge/street based street section

Builder - Convic Skateparks [+]
Designer - Convic Skateparks [+]





RE: Viva Prahran 2017

Viva Prahran 2017

Viva Prahran 2017

Viva Prahran 2017

RE: King of Vert Prahran

King of Vert Prahran

Street Machine Jam and BBQ

Street Machine Jam and BBQ

RE: Steady Video Premiere

Steady Video Premiere

Steady Video Premiere

Steady Video Premiere

Viva Prahran 2016

Viva Prahran 2016

Viva Prahran 2016

Viva Prahran 2016



Prahran kick-ons

Prahran kick-ons

Jackson Pilz - Dad Cam 3

Jackson Pilz - Dad Cam 3

Zoo York OZ Trip Clip

Zoo York OZ Trip Clip

VIVA Prahran 2014

VIVA Prahran 2014

RE: Huf Melb Mania

Huf Melb Mania

Huf Mania Tomorrow

Huf Mania Tomorrow

Etnies @ Prahran

Etnies @ Prahran


  1. antsk8er

    too many fuckn bladers

  2. prahnizzle

    stairs next to small rail are aching to be smashed to bets and replaced with kicker same as on other side!!!!!

  3. MikeWalé

    Yeh its good to bad BarkGrind skates there Muhahahha

  4. Bark Grind.

    to bad mike wale is gay

  5. MikeWalé

    You wish i was then i could hang out with you at XChange

  6. MikeWalé

    You wish i was then i could hang out with you at XChange

  7. antsk8er

    what shit pictures its so much better than it looks

  8. antsk8er

    MikeWal had no dick

  9. F L A S H

    The park is a decent street set up with small rail being destroyed by locals as is the same with the 10 set. People over rated this park as its fair boring and plain but the mini is a lot of fun. Its metal and a little tight but it also gets destroyed by locals. With the addition of the bemamoth vert ramp it now caters for the old crusty vert dogs as well as the new era hip hop kids EXCELLENT

  10. philby

    the fucken half pie is scary as fuck the only thing i could do on it its rock 2 fakie

  11. +BeN+

    Its a fun park but i just think it gets to crowded and the mini ramp is fun

  12. mugger

    yay prahan, only downside is barkgrind skates there hahaha

  13. Dibs

    look its nath oliver! next to the mini!

  14. Steele

    Awesome park super well rounded and normally a casual laid back sesh can be found as most "sponsor me's" hit up the City park instead. Jamie Kennedy (vert one) can be found here most days if you have a shady money making idea you want to run past someone who has tried them all. Watch for late afternoon Darren Kirby sightings to suss the latest in bad hairstyles.

  15. LA_Psyke

    wen i was down there last, they knocked down the big vert pipe an there was rumours the mini was going 2 :(

  16. Brett9691

    should i go to this skate park when im in melbs or riverside

  17. tuaki

    I fucked a russian chick on the vert ramp platform

  18. roll4eva

    thats y u got aids

  19. p.leather

    lov the lil rail lent new tricks on it and the eruo rail its good but if u leen i bit to far to the nose u will eat it and i snap me new board on friday the 13 the bad luck day

  20. linton brooks

    wicked sick


    some kids there are up emselvs but on the whole localls rule!! love the vert ramp. the mini is cool, but the coping is way to poppy. prahran 4evr

  22. vulture steez

    This park is boss if ur in melbs and have time go to this park.

  23. Bark Grind.


  24. [2y4n

    will hine riippss!

  25. Zico Derula

    This Park kicks ass, the vert pipe rips and any one can sk8 the mini, love the extension on the mini. All up, this park ROX

  26. fkd

    i dropped in on the massive half-pipe perfectly first time and im 13. i can do basically any stall in it as well

  27. butcher

    her element skater. your a fuck ass. LOL its so much better than in those pics. fuck yeah any one who bags it is a tosser

  28. Jakey

    this park is quite the goodness

  29. Jakey

    the dc demo there was awesome

  30. mr.crooky

    this park is so good... its a one way park and can get abit crowded sometimes, theres a skate shop next to it and has supplies u need if anything goes wrong... i say go there for a skate if u have a free day.

  31. iron aidan

    DC demo here was mad as

  32. Brett McSkater

    people say that they see dustin dollin here

  33. Sk8 For Fukin Life

    good vert and fukin sick minis

  34. ..................bReNdAn

    so sick verts good as to grind

  35. BiTcH_aBoUt_iT

    thats it thats it thats it

  36. bman


  37. _austin

    Love it!

  38. suvlaki pepper & sauce

    sic vert. i nearly rock to fakied it

  39. suvlaki peper & sauce

    If you go there you have to skate the mini.. heaps of fun.. when not wet!

  40. suvlaki pepper & sauce

    However the rest of the park isn't that great!

  41. spazm

    cheak out my site

  42. ToMbE

    can somebody plz add me to the forum plz??---

  43. suvlaki pepper & sauce

    can someone please activate me as well!!

  44. ...SoOpEr DooPer SkAteR : HaRrY...

    this is nutz but its very packed

  45. smithyc

    LOOKS so good kale u suck wanna go

  46. martin_is

    been there done that, fun fun fun, nice locals and a rad shop right there, the owners really cool and reminds me alot of jimmy.

  47. chicken legs

    fuck man. corey duffel rips

  48. talkin chat

    holy crap.. so fun

  49. talkin chat

    the hip is legendary

  50. julian sheldon

    this park has the perfect mix of street and tranny ,the street i dont care about too much (except for the ledges) and the trannies are awesome !


    tis place rocks. nice mini half. i wood b bettr if mini quAter was like more of a half pipe so u cn sk8 witout da ppl sk8in acrross gttn in da way. awsem mini 4 stair fkn nuts.

  52. aladdin sane

    god i love this park

  53. sk4rd

    hey someone plz activate me for the forum thingy plz my email thing is

  54. toMMyy'

    ive skated this place a few times. it gets kinda boring after a while though

  55. ThomasZero

    yet to see this new setup in the flesh. last time i was there the newest thing was a few rails next to the vert ramp. the old bowl is gone kinda sad to see that,i've a pile of magazines from the 80s that this place made an appearance in. i'll def check it out soon though

  56. DaViD STFU

    this park is awesum


    good park to buy weed at

  58. lovestospooge

    RIP , skatewarehouse, you fellas were allways real good to all the skaters at prahran.

  59. scooter911


  60. seanbritt

    nva skated here heard its a ghetto suburb

  61. ja-2-da-c

    should have my laser flip over the stairs

  62. Killer13

    14ft?!?! so thats two nd a half times the height of the guy standing beside it? HA! admit west beach still rules!!!

  63. welterweight

    can some1 plz activate me 2 the forums plz

  64. Naish

    this is the best park ever if you haven't already been there GO!!!

  65. not skatings a crime

    bman ur fukin gay u gay cunt eat a dick homo faggot donkey raping cock master spooge lover mother fucker.

  66. not skatings a crime

    get a sence of humour homo u just got punkd

  67. muffin 2

    great park, the mini bowl section is tops for trying crazy shit on. its a good park with a decent variety of shit. keep rolling. muff

  68. jezza_ridesbikes

    the mini half goes off its tits here!! and the street section aint too bad for ridin aswell

  69. brandon12443

    i no some one who would killlllll dis park it mi mates bro n his not even pro

  70. albert durbano

    soo good thats it wat else can u say about one of australias most famous parks

  71. Rigid99

    Jason Ellis tried a bomb drop off the roof. he got knocked out n pissed his pants. It was at the DC demo


    Mini half pipe is awesome i have alot of fun on it especially doin 360 flips and stuff

  73. will gnar

    it has a real fun mini and theres not many bikers which is awesome

  74. PaperBagMan555


  75. scoot4life7

    the verts easy. knoxx rulz

  76. JOKAHA

    Awesome park, the massive half pipe is great too, I'm a bmxer so ive never been on it but it's sweet, and those pics are bad it's way better than it looks

  77. powell skater


  78. Stookie

    how big is the mini? Looks cool

  79. rhibop

    im sorta just starting skating and im keen to try out some new parks is this park allright 4 beginners or jsut experienced

  80. bazza_sk8r

    its ok 4 begginers rhibop, but stay away from the vert and the 10 stair / 4 stair ura gap, stay in the quarters at the bottom of the 10 stair. btw stay away from druggies next to the vert. in conclusion i reckon the ten stair has no run up unless you ollie up the 4 stair ura gap wich the run up is ultra crappy concrete id give it 4 stars btw i agree with prahnizzle the stairs need to be replaced with a bank 4 sure

  81. bazza_sk8r

    my comment is loooooooooong yay

  82. bazza_sk8r

    WOOH! 82nd comment suck on that wooh

  83. Danna69

    that halfe looks fun as fuck!

  84. Joe Sutty (scoot4life)

    cant wait to go on the mini ramp looks awesome

  85. Hayden Brown

    a little bit good

  86. xander h-v



    The best park in Melbourne so far :D amazing vert ramps and a tight rail to board slide, amazing 10 set as well. I've been going there since I was 9 and it is still amazing :))))))

  88. Hai Pham

    OMG,this park is great,is it crowed all day??

  89. RichardA

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