Perry Lakes Skate Park

Alderbury Street Reserve, Floreat WA 6014 (approximately 7 km west of Perth City Centre)

Looks like a really fun park. Bowl about 4 foot high with corners also has a pyramid with rail.


Perry Lakes Skate Park

Perry Lakes Skate Park

Perry Lakes Skate Park

Perry Lakes Skate Park

Perry Lakes Skate Park

Perry Lakes Skate Park

Perry Lakes Skate Park

RE: Perry Lakes Stage 2

Perry Lakes Stage 2

RE: Perry Lakes Stage 2

Perry Lakes Stage 2

RE: Perry Lakes Extension

Perry Lakes Extension

Perry Lakes Upgrade Survey

Perry Lakes Upgrade Survey


  1. ali_b

    omg wat is with the paint jobs in this skatepark they keep gettin changed like every month and they r all crap

  2. T.UNIT

    omg dat rail iz so shit it iz like bent in da middle of da rail so its soooo sticky

  3. lil b

    thats not a skatepark

  4. Mark Andrews

    this sk8park is kool T.UNIT (tom) ur an idiot u never grind that rail

  5. wycombeskater1

    at least the graphs rnt all fuked up like sum parks

  6. samurai

    the parks not that bad... not four stars though

  7. The Boneless One


  8. YME! Skater

    I hate all FUKIN BMXers dat go 2 dis park u little cunts. oh yeah, i've seen better parks.

  9. Sk8N 4 a LiVn

    man fuk u mark ill cum ova thr n smash u u little shit thr is a fkin dent in it i always do tht mutha fkin rail id lke 2 see u evn do a fkin pop shovit wich every1 noes tht u cnt so stop bein a fag n learn 2 sk8 n ths park is fkin dodgy

  10. mysterysk8er

    this park is pretty old and a bit dogdy but its pretty fun. never gets packed anymore. tunit the rail and sticky anymore its pretty good but ther is a dent in it.

  11. Brickster1

    i really don't think the bowl is 4 ft, those kids their are really small, but then again i'm like tall so everything else is like small

  12. bmx-4-life

    perry lakes localz 4 like SK

  13. Kain X

    why cant skaters and riders just get along these days both our sports are hard Riders, if you think skating is a piece of cake then pick up a deck and try sk8ing for a day, your gauranteed to fall flat on your face on the first day, if not weeks. Skaters, if you think riding is a piece of cake, try and ride, not just rolling a park, but doing all the tricks, you'll find everyone pisses themselves the first time they do a big jump, as said for alot of our tricks( how often do you see a skater flip). You will alll find you each have alot in common so who the hell cares if you skate or ride but just have respect to each others sport, there both very hard to learn. Now Guess if i ride or skate ( and by the way skkaters basically invented freestyle bmx!!!)

  14. freddy-jones2dabones

    extension is to low


    looks alright


    nice park

  17. heelfliper

    skate parks suck street rules

  18. 6330

    The park has some cool lines and nice tranny. Also being in a park means that beverages are drinkable without the popo hassling you.

  19. jam

    seriously why cant scooters and rollerbladers get along. they are both gay as fuck . theyve got so much in common. pre grabs for life, please dont come to this park without ur shirt off, the locals all like to check out ur abz. come show us your poo stances, mongos only!

  20. cayde

    i would like to ride hear one day but dont no when

  21. Fin Dennis

    My Local Best Park ! <3

  22. Cam Tay

    were over run by scooters #worldwarscooter most of them cant do shit any way why do they even bother

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