Margaret River Skatepark

Wallcliffe Rd, Margaret River WA 6285 (280 km south of Perth - Margaret River population 3,000 - loads more in the summer holidays for the world-famous surf beach !)

Good large concrete street course - banks everywhere!

Builder - Convic Skateparks [+]
Designer - Convic Skateparks [+]

Margaret River Skatepark

Margaret River Skatepark

Margaret River Skatepark

Margaret River Skatepark

Maggot Creek Facelift

Maggot Creek Facelift


  1. Root System

    Good value

  2. Root System

    Lights being installed right now!!

  3. Root System

    The dictators in charge have decided that the lucky kiddies can use the new lights till 10pm on a friday night only. Thats an hour & half in summer. money well spent eh? Sig Hiel !!

  4. samurai

    what a f*&^ing waste looks like a good park though

  5. wycombeskater1

    yea good

  6. horse balls

    those pics are fucking old update them!!! its a good park i lived in margs for 4 year

  7. Naish

    it is a awesome park! we went there for a holiday and just skated it every day

  8. **Joe+Skate**

    nice park

  9. mitchscoots

    i went there once i was the one with the green helmet and i scooted

  10. Reuben Jones

    too bad you cant see the bowl. its so fun

  11. Serum76

    So need new pics guys. THis was my local for about 10 yrs and those pics on here are day 1.

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