Jindalee Skate Park

Amazon Place, Jindalee QLD 4074 (beside Brisbane River at south east corner of Centenary Bridge - 13 km south west of Brisbane City; Jindalee population 5,750)

large streetscape with fun boxes, humps, bowls, grind poles, steel mini ramp Note: adjacent to Amazon Entertainment Complex

Builder - Concrete Skateparks [+]
Designer - Concrete Skateparks [+]



Jindalee Skate Park

Jindalee Skate Park

Jindalee Skate Park

Jindalee Skate Park

Jindalee Skate Park

Jindalee Skate Park

Jindalee Skate Park

Jindalee Skate Park

Jindalee Skate Park

Jindalee Skate Park

Jindalee Skate Park

Jindalee Skate Park

Jindalee Skate Park

Jindalee Skate Park

Jindalee Skate Park

Jindalee Skate Park

Jindalee Skate Park

Jindalee Skate Park

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Parliament Free Parking

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Parliament BBQ

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Jindalee Facelift


  1. Skate Minority

    nice mini ramp, slippery. the rest of the park is bitchamen and rough as guts. no speed and the mini bowl is disgusting. a new funbox has been built were the speed humps were. bah 3 stars

  2. benus

    those humps wer annoying

  3. MR T

    i went there wen i was seven i dont remember any thing

  4. rufftastic

    those humps were so much fun .. the park is so outdated but i still seem to go there way to much. Its over run with bike riders aswell. the new fun box is also poo as its a bit lumpy and the guys left holes in the bituemen around the ledge

  5. rufftastic

    As i didn't really review properly and i am a local there here goes ... Jindalee or j-land as its affectionately known is one of the older praks in brisvegas. THe park it self is very open, and it sure isn't smooth so if you go there be prepared to get your push on. as mentioned above thre is a new fun box .. altough fun it has some design flaws. All the other obstacles at the park are good , small but good. the mini ramp is the bestest unles rollerchumps have been down and waxed the poop out of it and then poored coke all over the ramp. on a final not on the park bored kids in the area have burnt alot of things into the bitumen because wel lthere tards... If your planning to visit the prak and you dont have a car or are unable to bum a ride you can catch a bus from the city (the 453 on weekdays and the 450 on weekends) just press the buzzer when you see the park, p.s. there is a pub up the street and seven 11 not to far away

  6. rufftastic

    note to self.. my grammar is terrible

  7. $jake$

    this park has sketch written all over it. it would be sik if it had smooth surface like cooperoo or something. good obstacles but hard to get speed. half pipe is good but it burns ur skin if u stak. u might wanna take water with u cuz u'll get dehidrated just skatin to the maccas. this park does not deserve it's five stars.

  8. JAMAL still negro$cience fo life

    is diffent now theres a fun box where the bumps are whith yellow rail p.s i love pole jams

  9. Skaterholic

    over run by bmxers

  10. tim_sk8

    its not a skatepark its a bikepark dont go there it sucks for skateboarding the mini ramp is the only good thing!! mini ramp is the best in qld jindalee is no skatepark its packed with bikers its good at 5 o clock on wards though

  11. Mc Chilly

    i skate here every weekend its fuking awsome if any one sees me say hi im kinda short with curly brown hair and have green wheels

  12. wickham boy

    bmx's is r fuckin fags day get in tha way day should go fuk sum dogs

  13. alex_

    shut up tim like you could do shit all there anyway

  14. tobi

    this park is fuckin shit definetely not 5 stars i would rate it negative 2 stars mini ramp fun though.......booyah

  15. tobi

    shut up alex like you would do shit all there anyway

  16. HaulinBalls

    i dont even live in QLD and u all sound like faggots

  17. Stuart Bouyer

    No it's only the locals at Jindalee thinking it's a good park when down the road at fairfeild it's 10 times better even inala and cooparoo are better, who rates these parks?

  18. hugo

    good park but its fucking taken over by bikeys FUCK THEM SOBS they shood be fuckin baned and they shood put in a bowl

  19. hugo

    oh and the humps r fuckin annoyin shit it needs work

  20. hugo

    who would waste there time at that dump

  21. 'Almost' a Skater

    its horse shit

  22. oldschool40

    to many little flippy dippy street fags, grow some balls and skate vert

  23. ToMbE

    add me to the forum plz --- tombe@westnet.com.au

  24. $k8 hard

    good park but alot of bikers when i went

  25. George666

    shittiest park ive ever been to

  26. tristan hill

    the park is rubbish, the pipe is rad, friggin bikers everywhere, nearly got killed a couple of times colliding with them coming down from the roll in, if you're really lucky there will be a hot surfee chick skating there, you'll know its her coz shes a kiwi and wearing next to nothing, get her number! im a fat ugly guy and i did, AND SOMEONE COME DOWN AND SKATE THE PIPE WITH ME!!! NO ONE EVER SKATES IT, I"M LIKE THE ONLY GUY WHO DOES gonna check out middle park ramp today, i've heard good things from a mate...

  27. Ozzy

    AH! so many bikers! and a rollerblader :0

  28. Ozzy

    lol meh. im jj, rollerbladers can be alright. bikers dont run me over i wont discrimintate

  29. T_FrEsH

    A mad mini for advanced peeps, but should rebuild bowl n resurface whole park cause it's like rolling on a rocky road...

  30. SK8forlifejack

    how big is the mini?

  31. jake sfl

    haha this park is mad i stacked the circle quarters at the end closest to dfo doing a 360 indy ..hard to get speed tho u get use to it and over run by bmxers

  32. madcap

    INFO catch the 468 from indro or oxley station the one that goes to DFO. it is at the back of the dfo complex.

  33. >>CoRzAaA<<

    man wats wif those bumps???? that looks slak nd sketchy. lucky they put the funbox in otherwise i wudve like just ditched last time i went

  34. ant hill

    this skatepark is pritty rad i learnt how to ollie to fakie on the banks i rate it 4 stars

  35. PaperBagMan555

    This Park Is awesome, 4* from Me!

  36. colonybmx123

    wank on a plank

  37. rider69

    this place is terrible, rather it being the DFO carpark

  38. Jakee

    ok i go there every day and i am 11 and ony skated for 6 months if you see e there i wear black skinnys and blue and red trucks say high it is a good park if you are good and the quarter pipe i awesome i just learned to drop in it and rock to fakie it

  39. Jakeeee

    dude there used to be a little grind thing there awesome

  40. Harro285

    This park is pretty shit but i go there heaps. If everything was closer and you could get speed, then it would be okay. And if you could make the bmx fellaz fuck offff, then that would be quite good also.

  41. woodyy : )

    alritee parkk got bmx dirt jumps too and its changed a bit from them picks

  42. !!!!MmAaTt!!!!

    haha this is my local and the gorund isn't to rough haha, and i don't have to push heaps. but those small hubbas and ledges are goo for learning tricks on. but by far the mini is the best thing there aaron rowe always comes down to skate the mini

  43. Harro285

    nahh this parks alrite it just needs a bito work though...

  44. Jack Gramenz

    I think it's about time that tennis court across the street is capitalized on, seeings Milton Ghetto is no longer around.

  45. smileykyle

    The park itself is pretty unskatebale at the moment, way too rough to hold any speed. The 6ft steel mini on the other hand is tons of fun and pretty quite too. A little slippery but if you're in the area it's worth a look

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