Fitzroy Bowls

Edinburgh Gardens, Brunswick Street, Fitzroy 3065 (southwest area of Gardens - 2 km north of Melbourne city)

Two deep concrete bowls and shallow beginners' bowl

Fitzroy Bowls

Fitzroy Bowls

Fitzroy Bowls

Fitzroy Bowls

LEXI - Fitzroy Bowl...

LEXI - Fitzroy Bowl...

Daughters of Doom Comp

Daughters of Doom Comp



    Perfectly built fun bowl with the only downer being the coping abuse at the hands of BMX's- but hey, get over it. Deserves to have it's 3 star rating swapped with Lilydales 4 star rating as it's a far superior bowl plus the locals are better looking.

  2. Callum.


  3. Battey Boy

    the coping is the best you just have to learn how to skate it and it makes the best sound when u carve it

  4. His_Infernal

    It looks busy.... is it always that way?

  5. melbourne skater

    this bowl is so sick its very melow u can have a fun easy skate on it with its small coping and if u get bored on the big bowl you can go to the 1 footer peanut bowl for about five minutes only problems with it are little kids and trashed coping.......cya

  6. Gremlin kid

    thats a cool as bowl wats it doing in 3 star

  7. Nieve

    How many paint jobs has this place had? seems like its a different colour every time i visit. Awesome park, but could do without that soft stuff around the edge of the bowl

  8. b3nt@ng3l

    ***** for mine. OK maybe drop 1* for the trashed coping. Weekend arvos sees this place shredded.

  9. julian sheldon

    fuck yeah ! great vibe , great bowl ,great locals what more could you ask for?

  10. Know Your Product

    I love this bowl. Great for wait ails you. If you're looking for a hardcore skate, or just to hang out with some greaty people, fitzy has it all. Plus a spine.

  11. julian sheldon

    i entrely agree with know your product

  12. Geoff Newton

    The dents in the coping are not accident prone. The Fitzroy bowl is a dream come true for tranny skaters! This bowl is perfect!

  13. aladdin sane

    this place made me in to the rippin , happy tranny dog i am today , even the weird bumped coping is great in a strange way

  14. aladdin sane

    david bowies such a gun , oh yeah great park once again

  15. SKATER_!@#

    this park should be ranked higher

  16. ...::KINDLEY::...

    'fuck skaters' oi faggot your on notice the SKATEBOARD part in that.

  17. izaak carrington

    gnar bowl and locals , the haggard coping is fucking dope

  18. RAKOE101~

    this is the best tranny park for learning new shit if your just starting to skate. good spine too

  19. wood pusher 4 life

    fuc yea best bowl in melb no question


    fuken best bowl ive ever skated its the reason i love transition now

  21. RAKOE101~

    just got painted last night in a tribute to a local biker RIP Tim Hayes

  22. RAKOE101~

    my little friend tried doing a rock to fakie in the small bowl the other day. he kinda fucked it up and broke his ankel in 2 places and dislocated it. YUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!

  23. Charizard

    Rubbery shit was pulled up and replaced with concrete which was probably for the better. There's a new ledge which is completely pointless, and the attempt at resurfacing the bowl just fucked it up. But it's been repainted now, so it's back to the same old Fitzy, sort of.

  24. Mitchelzombie242

    I wanna skate that mini pink bowl

  25. bikkyeater

    best park ever cunt

  26. YoJimiJames

    the original and the best! But if you want the exact same bowl but with a 6foot transition. Come to the Unley bowls in Adelaide. Literally its the first park on your left as you come off the freeway at the bottom of the hill into radelaide.

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