Coorparoo Skate Park

The Common, Cambridge Street, Coorparoo QLD 4151 (6 km southeast of Brisbane City Centre)

Streetscape, fun boxes, grind poles, large steel half pipe, quarter pipes



Coorparoo Skate Park

Coorparoo Skate Park

Coorparoo Skate Park

Coorparoo Skate Park


  1. BNE

    The old park (pictured) sucked but had good memories... The new park kicks ass and is home to some great arvo sessions nearly everyday. Street orientated design with some good lines. The mini is still going too!

  2. Mikky


  3. Skate Minority

    this is the old park as BNE said, and yes mikky it needs lights! ben you should get onto the council about it! 5 star park, designed by Ben Ventress and the local boys. get some new photos up there drew/BNE!

  4. rufftastic

    fun park

  5. Lazlo_Panaflex

    I miss the old park......

  6. $jake$

    the new park is awesome and doesn't get boring fast. sum of the things could have been a bit bigger e.g. the euro gap and bikes have been craking some of that super smooth cement but i still think it deserves 5 stars.

  7. ben'

    The new park has a mini ramp on the side that was taken from the old skatepark but the new park itself has no quarters at all and includes 2 manual pads/ledges in a horseshoe shape really really fun, a super size box which includes a euro gap leading upto a rail going down the bank and a bit going up the top so you can skate the rail coming out of the bank, 2 ledges on each side of the rail one going down and one going straight out to a drop,sometimes there are barriers or even couches there to skate on or over....

  8. lowey

    the new coops skate park is really nice with heaps of ledges a rail and a fun miniramp..... coops a must skate!!!

  9. Skadz

    Love this park aswell, I think it is a great example of a street based park. Goods: Pretty big park with alot space and alot of obstacles that you won't find at many other parks. Heaps of cool local rippers. Smooth and clean. Bads: Nothing really wrong with it at all except for maybe the amount of people that can be there but its worth it! Pay it a visit if you ever get the chance to and even if you don't make the chance anyways.

  10. * timmy_p *

    fuck yeh coops

  11. josh892

    so ah is the dc tour gonna be here in april?

  12. Hatchy

    this skate park has gotton good now the dc demo was held there its got heaps boxs rains exc... the mini ramp is still there

  13. Hatchy

    i ment to say rails

  14. Lukus-Pukus


  15. Lukus-Pukus

    ya dickhead

  16. fuck off mate


  17. Broke ass Nigga

    shep loves the toilet block so watch ya back

  18. sk8...

    pppppppppp look at that fun box ROFL!!!

  19. shreddaaa!

    love this park.

  20. coopssk8er4lyf

    yeh dis park is da best slooops reppiin l8er sk8erzzz juz a lil mention to mah homie from coops rob dawgg rep rep rep

  21. JesseStewart

    it has changed soo much now

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