A couple of weeks back Vans Australia teamed up with Curbside coaching to host a wear test of the new AVE pro shoe. The Curbside clubhouse was the venue of choice, with a custom made kicker to barrier as the centrepiece obstacle.

I have to say Tommy has done a top job putting together the clubhouse park. It flows well with varying sized transition and a super long ledge with buttery plastic edging.

Personally I'm a big fan of simple vulcanised shoes, of which Vans make some of the best. Seeing them to go with a more tech looking cupsole shoe on this release I was initially a bit skeptical when I saw the first images.
Vans and AVE know what they are doing though, so it should come as no suprise how good they felt when I had them on feet.
The shoes skate really well straight out of the box, and felt just as good if not better than the Authentics I walked in wearing.
They have good board feel which a lot of cupsole shoes lack. They're comfortable and supportive at the same time.
Vans ran a bus from the city out to the event and put on pizza and beers for all the punters trying out the shoes.
Thanks to Andrew Mapstone and Tommy Breaks for organising a sick night and Potty for hooking up the invite.


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