Get on Board

A couple of weeks ago Vans gave the girls an opportunity to come together at the Work-Shop warehouse in Fitzroy for one night only and get rad. 

Free food and drinks from Young and Henrys fueled the fire.  There was shoe painting, girls skateboarding photo exhibition, kickflip tutorial and they also played Girls Skate India Documentary as well as the last Melbourne vid ABD from the DNA crew. 

Was great to see the girls of all ages supporting each other and really enjoying their skating, hopefully this is the first of many of these sessions. 

Clip of the night below by Neihana Tonkin, Music - Functus by Gerry Cueller

Check out pics of the night from the one and only Andrew Mapstone. 


Adelaide on the other side of the lens.

Getting some art on

Shanae tail slipping. 

Product placement like a pro. 

Next Gen Elsie blasting a backside ollie. 

Ash plus one

Alexa plus one

If you have not watched ABD by the DNL here is your chance. 

And here is the Vans Skate India documentary if you also missed this one. · 1800 034 588·