Jake turned 30

Surplus Skate flew some of its riders up to the Gold Coast to Help Jake Duncombe Celebrate his 30th Birthday and release the limited edition F.S.C birthday board.

Jetstar where nice enough to hook us up with some cheap flights and got us there in one piece without any delays or losing our baggage.

Once we arrived in the Goldy we headed Straight to the Tugun RSL where we meet this handsdown bloke, He might be 30 but he’s looking good!

After a few warm up beers we decided to stretch the legs and have a skate.

Mudgy Park might be small but it’s Bloody Fun and well worth a visit!

Ray Macken F.S Nosegrind

Dean Parsons B.S Smith

We didn’t do our research before heading to Salk Skatepark (also known as donut bowl) it was low tide so there was a million midges flying around and biting us, we strongly suggest taking some bug spray if you are going to hit this place.

Birthday Boy with a F.S 5.0!

Peewee was either hyped from the birthday celebrations or simply had just the right amount of beers to do this gap to bs lip. Photo by kirby

Jakey was in good form and the birthday celebrations where not holding him back.

Gap to fs noseblunt to end the sesh and send us back to pub. Photo by kirby · 1800 034 588·