Adidas Melbourne Retail Day

Words - Tim Barling

Pic - Dave Chami

A few weeks ago Adidas skateboarding teamed up with Geelong Skateshop, Fast Times and Street Machine to host a day of skateboarding for the local shop homies around Melbourne.

Moving pictures by Leigh Bolton & Neihana Tonkin

The squad met up at Fast Times CBD store and were generously kitted out with any of the fine three striped footwear they liked from the wall, along with whichever board they wanted from the stacked assortment on the racks.

Tim B conferring with Gabbers about which kicks will go with his wife beater.  

Once everyone was fitted for some fresh gear, we hopped in two tour vans along with the likes of Dennis Durrant, Morgan Campbell and Gabriel Summers from the Adidas Australia team. The day was set up like a mini skate tour of Melbourne, so the van also had a media entourage and the biggest most well stocked esky ive ever seen.

First stop

The first spot of the day was the Rathdowne Street Ledges in Carlton. The Adidas guys had everything covered, with a big bluetooth speaker for tunes and even a leaf blower to clean the spot down for the guys. Everyone went to work and i think most people came away with a clip or two.

Morgan showing the kids how its done. 

Next up was Lunch at Juanita Peaches, a delicious burger/burritto/fried chicken spot in Brunswick.

Geelong secret sause 

After lunch we headed for the new skate space under bridge in North Melbourne. The park is an interesting build but some good tricks still went down. Adam Davies got tech on the bank to manual pad and Jack Evans closed the session down with back to back tricks over the ledge to drop.

Jack Evans - remember the name.......

The last skate spot for the day was a custom kicker to road barrier at Imax. The barrier took no prisoners, but Gabbers and Durrant seemed to shut the thing down with ease.
Once everyones legs were done for the day, it was back to The True east for pizza and drinks.

Gabbers nose blunting

Dennis front crooks

It was awesome to live the skate tour life for the day with the Adidas guys and see the team, and all the other shop guys ripping. Thanks very much to the legends at Geelong skateshop and Adidas Skateboarding for the opportunity to hang out for the day.

We got loads of Adidas Skateboarding shoes and apparel here just saying........



Harry Vitkus Front shuv

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