11 of us gathered on a sunny Friday morning in the Belco car park as the best man Craig dished out custom 'King of the Rang' beer coolers, gave us a glimpse of trophies made of bones and then handed round the book. A bucks party with a trick list! Ranga was handicapped with a special list designed for him to lose points if they were incomplete including things like:

- Walk like an Egyptian for 30 mins

- Squat piss while wearing a dress (completed)

- Give a stranger 10 bucks and then ask for it back

- Sit down next to a stranger at a skatepark and say 'I'm sponsored and kind of a big deal'

- Order smashed Abbo at a Cafe (completed)

Needless to say he pretty much had no chance of winning, which being the ripping skater he is put us all in a much better frame of mind to try stuff. Some of the other non-skate tricks included:

- Call out a Thrasher wearing kook

- Get high fives from Craig for 5 points (these came with extreme heat)

- Indian Leg Wrestling

- Yell F*ck you Dog! to a stranger

- Swindle to win cash or drinks from a stranger

- Arm Wrestle a Cop

- Take a reverse kanga shit and prove it

The first fly blown truck stop delivered us a party van full of girls on a 30th birthday tour. One requirement was a mans undies promptly supplied by Craig nuding it up in the car park. Being the only single man on K.O.T.Ranga, Aaron scored a decent pash which wasnt the only girl hed hook up with on the trip. B2 bombed one of those rough as guts drains next to the freeway and somehow came away unscathed!

First official stop was Wodonga skatepark and she was dealt a heavy session. Chicco got smoked with a chalky and Aaron popped a fs flip still buzzing from earlier. Each night Ranga was to wear an allocated costume from 4pm to 9am, and so he donned the first of many dresses. Dont perve on my gender!"

The next day we hit Box Hill skatepark where Ranga had a deck shaped as a blue lady handcuffed to his hand for an hour. Surprisingly, he still managed to perform a few lines. Noble Park skatepark had some ruling locals and after cooking in the sun the peanut gallery stepped up to some Indian Leg Wrestling with B2 taking the title (again). Emo is very much alive at Bang nightclub, I felt like I should have swapped my beard for a fringe over one eye and some eyeliner as teeny boppers danced to Linkin Park. It didnt stop a sweaty Chicco from raising eyebrows and winning biggest pile with a variety of splendid dance moves despite Cizza doing his best to pile out as well!

As hungover pieces of shit we stumbled our way in the early afternoon to meet the Smoke Beer crew who showed us why Bluestone is their home with Kotterz, Brighty and co tearing it a new arsehole. An epic session was had and Ranga closed it out with a Feeble BS 180. Thanks Nello and crew for having us!

Last tricks were had as we made our way back to the Can in between a council worker whipper snippering around us and Ranga taking out biggest drop bombing off the dunny roof at Wandong. Defo a memorable trip, Happy Bucks Ranga and props to Craig for organising. That cop definitely cheated in the arm wrestle. You cant grab onto the table with your other arm! · 1800 034 588·