Jake, yeah Jake Duncombe

Pics - Cameron Markin

Is Jake back?


Three ways to start the day:
-Music Paul Kelly's definitely a good way to to get going

Three ways not to start the day:
-Without any of the above
-Drunk tank
-Never happened to me but I'm sure trying to teach a lion how to shake would be ideal

3 reasons to skate:
-Pubs shut
-No sharks
-The fish aren't biting

3 reasons not to skate:
-Pub open
-Fish are on
-And just cause

Three people to hate:
-Dog cuntz

3 people to love:
-Your family-Your mates
-Your publican

Three places to go:
-Chindera boat ramp
-Yellow bird

Three places not to go:
-Surfers paradise

3 tricks to learn:

3 words of advice for everyone:
-Drink the Worm · 1800 034 588·