Josh Kotlega

The Winter Evader

Pics - Marcello Guardigli @mguardigli

Interregators - Cameron Markin and Ryan Scott

Every year as the days get shorter, daylight savings finishes and the weather drops below 20 degrees, Josh gathers up enough cash and stoke for the winter migration to a warmer climate with more terrain to shred. We caught up with josh while he was up north about his winter travels to talk about 'van life' and everything in between.

Backsmith in Basel 

CAM: You're a pretty comfortable guy on a skateboard, how many years have you been on the wood? 

JOSH: About 13 years 

CAM: Speaking of comfortable how much do you weigh? 

JOSH: 90kegs 

CAM: Why are you so fat? 

JOSH: Big boned! 

CAM: Have you always been so fat? 

JOSH: Some people are born into wealth, I was born in hungers.

Boardslide Malmo

CAM: You spend a lot of time on the road, what are you running from? 

JOSH: The everyday expectation of needing to work 5 days a week to "make a living" 

RYAN: These winter hiatuses usually seem to involve some amount of time spent in a van, what attracts you so much to the van life?

JOSH: Everything I need is in the van. A bed, a fridge to keep the beers cold, a gas cooker for snags and a couple of boards to keep me skating until it heats up back in Melbourne

RYAN: How do you balance the life of a chippy with your hunger for traveling and skating?

JOSH: Being a chippy makes it pretty easy to balance the 3. I just chuck my tools in the back of the van and find work along the way when money gets low.

Crail at the retard ramp.....

CAM: What did you vote on the gay marriage legislation? 


RYAN: What's the go with the Mohawk, slowly been looking more shocking by the week, when did the colour get introduced?

JOSH: One of the girls I live with got the bleach out one night and since then it's seen a few different shades.

RYAN: So the trips have been going for about three years where has been the best for your skating?

JOSH: America I reckon, so many sick parks around Oregon, Montana and California. An 'average' park there is one of our decent ones. It’s wild!

CAM: Most fun thing you've ever front-side grinded?

JOSH: Probably the exposed aggregate section at Lincoln City, or just anything that barks back at you.

RYAN: Favourite diy spot you've hit on your trips so far?

JOSH: Probably Washington St San Diego or Sibbarb Malmo, not sure if that one is a diy or just built like one, either way it's sick.

CAM: Would you rather bust a nut before or after a skate? 

JOSH: Before

RYAN: Highlight from the recent Goldy trip with the smoke beer crew?

JOSH: Probably watching Nello try and fight a stomach bug in 30degree heat while filming a sesh at Pizzey, he lost the battle and ended up running to the closest tree to chuck his guts up.

Everyone on the trip got that bug at some stage, it took your dignity and left you paralyzed for a couple of days.

CAM: Is Scott Standley goofy or natural? 

JOSH: He has a preferred stance? 

RYAN: Seems like the smoke beer guys are always down for a roady, what's the next big trip planned with them?

JOSH: For the next one we're heading to Tassie over summer. There's nothing better than going on a skate trip with ya mates. See ya there!

CAM: What's a good van story the world might not know, I'm talking saucy stuff josh. 

JOSH: Well it didn't get the nickname "The dog box" for nothing. You'll understand when I give you that lift from Sydney to Melbourne next week. · 1800 034 588·