Peak Jackson Pilz?

Our hard hitting reporter Richo finally found some time in his schedule to speak with Jackson and get him off our back until the next time he wants coverage. Take it away boys, oh and thanks Andrew Mapstone for the pics. 

The Slap thread "Pilz Pro" was flooded with messages of praise and excitement for you. However, one forumhead said that they couldn't get over the tattoo on your back that says "homer rules". How do you as a pro skater plan do deal with the haters throwing negative opinions at you over the Internet?

(Laughs) who cares right? If people are bummed on my shit tattoos I'm not worried. Also, Homer does rule so they don't have much ground to stand on.

Do you ever jump online and give those keyboard cowboys a taste of their own medicine?

What's the point man? Everyone has their own way of skating they like and I'm fine with it if people don't like the way I skate.

They could be part of an anti-benihana society, thinking that you and all your beni-buddies are bringing skateboarding into disrepute.

I'll beni till I die. If you don't beni then you should think about the way you carry yourself.

Can you name and shame any anti-beni folk?

Not off the top of my head but it's the majority of skaters. Definitely not Josh Kasper, he's sick, beni cover. The only one besides Chima's right?

There should be more. In a very short period of time you have been crowned Slam SOTY, King of the Road MVP, turned pro for Enjoi and you also popped the question to your now Fiance. A few big lifestyle hammers there. You're really bringing it, not singing it. Have you reached peak Jackson Pilz or is there more to come?

Well I guess more cause after getting engaged you gotta get married right?

Definitely. What kind of wedding are you going to have? We were told that in the US you can get Juicy J to play at your party for about $15,000.

Maybe can get him for me? Live webcast Juicy J wedding.

I think that's a great idea. You don't have to stop at Juicy J if the budget is involved though.

I know Potty would love it.

If you had to strip yourself from one of your achievements; SOTY, KOTR MVP, turning pro or your engagement, what would you choose?

So the real question is do I pick Slam, Thrasher, Enjoi or my Fiance?


Why don't you just give me a fuck one, marry one, kill one?

That wouldn't be uncomfortable for you to answer. We press for real answers here at

You know the email I still use today is an one

What is it? (laughs) nah.

Well played. Anyway, which achievement are you going to strip?

I'll strip my missus

You cheeky dog. Did you ever have to reshoot scenes in KOTR?

Nah, none of that shit. It was just a lot of skating and the Vice dudes chasing us around. It seemed super crazy for them too.

In the two weeks on the road you didn't seem to do anything that could trigger a mental breakdown once the series aired to the masses. Jake Hayes cried at a campfire over missing his girl and then ate a dreadlock. That's fucked. Was there anything horrifically embarrassing you did that didn't make the cut?

Nah, I didn't want to do any of the nasty stuff really. I mean I would of but like I've been saying to everyone it's bad enough opening my mouth on TV so I can't imagine how embarrassing it would be opening my asshole on TV.

How is the European tour? Are there any differences touring as a pro compared with being am?

It's been crazy man, it's just a demo and signing tour and I can't even skate so I've just been indulging in the local beers.

Are their any unusual people coming to the signings? Have you signed any dicks or breasts?

Haha yeah, but it was a guy and he asked us to draw our favourite shape on his chest. I also signed a bong.

Geez, sounds glamorous. What happened with that guy getting the whole team to sign his leg and then making it permanent?

I don't know I just thought he was getting our names signed on him and then the next day his chick messaged and said he was getting them tattooed. I told her to make him think about it and he ended up getting them the day after.

Holy shit lets get him in here. Do you have any questions for him?

(Laughs) umm I'd just say send me more photos. That shit still trips me out.

Hey Kane. Was the tattoo planned out or spur of the moment?

It was planned, but I didn't really know if I was going to go through with it. But the minute I met the Enjoi team and started talking to them I knew I had to get it done.

That's some serious commitment. What did your girlfriend think?

She actually didn't mind too much. To be fair, she thinks it's really cool.

Do you have any other tattoos?

The only other tattoo I have is my thrasher one which I got a year ago when I was still in High School.

Which team are you going to get tattooed on your right leg?

I would have to say Baker or Deathwish.

Whoever gets to you first?

Yeah man

What's the best thing about having Jackson Pilz's signature tattooed on your leg?

The best thing is being able to show my support for the dude and the whole team for that matter. The reason I like him is his commitment and his style and plus he's a really nice dude to talk to.

Thanks for your time Kane.

It's all right dude, anytime and thank you.

With all your accomplishments recently have you had any bizzare, outrageous or tempting offers from companies?

Nah, no insane offers. But if any companies are reading this, I mentioned my email earlier.

It seemed like after the Enjoi Australian Tour was over, you came out as the alpha Jack, prompting Fardell to pack his bags and hit the road. What happened with his departure from the Enjoi camp?

Ah nah man, it was nothing like that. I wasn't on the team or anything so I don't really know what happened. That's their business though. Not my place to talk about it.

Ok well here is something you can talk about. Can you explain why you turned down riding for us?

(Laughs) kind of a funny story, but not really for me. I said yes and then Potty put something up on Insta and I got a message "man you ride for Fast Times, what are you doing?" I didn't even think they were both shops you know? I was like "cool, a website sponsor". I'm just an idiot that's the story.

Yeah, Fast Times didn't like that. We even sent you a bottle of Jager.

I know, I offered to send it back.

Well whenever you're ready, we'll be here. You know we have plenty of cheap liquor and Homegirl mags to dispatch.

It's quite common in the skate industry for pro's to get caught up in a party lifestyle. This lifestyle often conflicts with the expectations of sponsors, leading to skaters piling out and the termination of contracts. How do you plan to stay relevant in skating so you can continue to have your name printed on a board, rather than working at your local mall clearing them from a discount bin?

That's a good question but either way you do it, skating is never going to last for ever. Partying is fun but there's a time and a place for sure and I'm feeling it after that trip (laughs)

How was your engagement party?

Alana and I had the party and I dropped my phone in the toilet the next day sleepwalking. Then we went to the Goldy for Alana's birthday for a few nights and kind of just kept the good times going. Was like a honeymoon for the engagement.

Did you drop a big tear-jerking speech at the party?

Nah, it was nothing like that. It was just a party. Red was the only one who made a speech and that's when he turned Alana pro (laughs)

Alana is pro too?

Yeah she's pro! Two boards ever super limited.

Do you guys ever go skating together?

I don't think she's stood on a board in her life (laughs)

I was picturing you guys practicing switch flips down at Coolum Park on a Sunday morning. Is the skatepark really in Tickle Park? Any naughty stories you can share from growing up there?

Yeah it's in Tickle Park and I definitely clocked up the hours there and still do. Nothing too crazy we were just little kids being little kids. Water bombing people and all that sort of shit. Actually, recently there was this hammered guy harassing this little skater girl and we told him to leave but he kept going so I knocked his bottle of vodka out of his hand. That was pretty funny. Then some kid threw his bag at him and it went all over the car park and then he got arrested. Classic day at Tickle Park.

Geez. Do you have plans on moving over to the US in the future?

I don't have any as of right now. I feel like you can just get as much done in Australia as well. It's an hour drive to Brissie for me and then an hour flight to Sydney or two hours to Melb and there's some of the best skaters/filmers/photographers in the world in every city. It's so sick.

Fair enough. Thanks for your time Jackson.

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@kleeshade asked What is your favourite thing about Louie Barletta?

Favourite thing about Louie is he is just like he seems in all the videos. He's super fun, got crazy stories and just an all round legend.

@nickbegg wants to know your top three bennies done?

1: Benny wallride in Canberra
2: Mini mega
3: Tie between blunt beni and beni wrap around to crail. · 1800 034 588·