Ben Currie Interview

Who is Ben Currie?

Well I'm 22 years old. From Berwick, Victoria. I still live out there with my mum. My brother and his partner recently had a little girl so being an uncle for the first time has bought a whole new joy into my life. 

Filmed and edited by Timbum additional filming Ant Travis, James James, Nathan Tonkin and Syd.  

Where is Berwick? 

Berwick is about half an hour South east of the city. Half an hour with no traffic and up to 2 hours or more in peak hour. It can be a real nightmare  

The Berwick Park? 

Yeh it's a got a fun little park. Some ledges, flat and down rail and hubba, good little quarter pipe and mappas favourite the bank to slappy curb. 

 How is the scene there? 

There's actually a pretty solid crew of skaters out there. It's awesome!!  

Any Jezza sightings? 

Not in a long time. The burbs aren't that cool. 

Gap back 50 - click on it to see it move 

What is Gooch St? 

Gooch street is a crew and a series of videos 

Who makes up Gooch St? 

Honestly there's to many to remember off the top of my head and I don't want to risk leaving anyone out. But they all rip!! 

Switch Heel in Franganistan

How does your new part compare to the last part in Gooch?. 

Well the recent one was a shared part and the last one was just me. 

 Will there be a VOL5? Any names yet? 

Honestly I have no idea, but I heard there was some VX Tony sightings already

Ah Canberra Court House we have all made a visit some more than others, this time for a front blunt. 

Every issue it seems you end with a bang, bang being a gnarly slam, that 50 was off its head, how did that end for you?

Yeh it wasn't the most pleasant experience. I ended needing a few stitches in my head and my back was fucked for quite a some time. 

What went wrong? 

Just the typical 5050 slip out. Leaning back too much and the board slipped over the other side. My feet clipped the rail so I just went straight down onto my back and head. 

More Canberraness this time backtail

Are you going back for it? 

Yeh one day when my body feels 100% again. It's been long time since it has. 

Will the whole skatepark get an invite next time? 

Haha they're all welcome!! 

Kick flip front board 

Still on the topic of slams, can you tell us about the time you focused a rail with your nuts? 

Haha yeh another great memory. Just went for a lipslide and I popped but the board just didn't come with me. So I went straight onto the Go-nads. And yeh the rail bent and snapped off the top support. 

 How many Hall's of Meat have you had? 

Just that one 


Do you think James "Shmorey" could give you a run for your money when it comes to slams? 

Oh absolutely! He takes a lot of heavy slams but he will always push past it and nail the gnarliest manoeuvre you've ever seen. Leaving you jaw dropped! 

I've never seen a heavier swell-bow in my life.

Texas Tailside 

So your finally back on board after ankle surgery, what happened?

Yeh I rolled it real bad in august last year, and I didn't get it checked out. And after a month or so I started skating again. But it just didn't feel right. So in February this year I got it checked out and found out I needed surgery. I had 2 torn ligaments, cartilage damage and bone spurs that needed to be cut out. It was a mess.

Going big on Williams St 

How long where you out for and how did you keep sane?

It was a six month recovery after surgery. Basically played a lot of PlayStation and one I was able to walk again I went back to work so that kept me busy too. And went out on the session to watch others skate but that was like torture! 

What the process, including the surgery and the rehab?

Well they had to reconstruct the 2 ligaments and then cut out all the damaged cartilage and bone spurs. Then drill little holes into the cartilage so that it would bleed and create a new sort of cushioning.  And then for the rehab I just had a heap of exercises I had to do everyday. 

Lipslide sequence - click on the pic to see it move

Now that you can roll again whats the best part about skating?

Pretty much I just appreciate being able to push down the street and use it to get from A to B. You really take that for granted unless it's been taken away from you.  

Congrats on your board with XEN, can you give us a run down on the graphic? 

Cheers, Basically it's a Cartoon drawing of me on one of the machines at work cutting sick as I do. 

 Kickflip in the Valley

Tell us about your work? 

So I do turf maintenance, so I work on golf courses, football ovals ect. Basically any large open grassed areas. 

We do aerating. Which means we take soil out of the ground and fill it with sand and fertiliser, which stops its from drying out and dying. 

 Burbs Back Heel 

How did it all begin with you and XEN? 

Pretty much just from skating and shooting with Andrew Mapstone and we became good friends. And now I'm lucky enough to ride for Anthony and his company. 

What have you got in mind for the next graphic? 

Not sure yet but I am open to ideas if anyone wants to send me some??? 

Keep of the Grass! This time with a monster tre.  

What do you get up to off the board away from skating and work? 

Work and skating takes up a lot of my time so I don't really get up to much else. Just hangout with my mates and my girlfriend Steph. That's about it. 

 Any future plans? 

Just keep doing what I'm doing and travel as much as possible. It keeps me happy so I don't see any reason to change anything. 

 Gap to 5

Going to fire of some quick questions for on word answers like the interviews back in the day.

 Favorites -

Food? Right now, Korean BBQ Movie? Happy Gilmore  TV? Rick and morty Game? Grand theft Auto Music? Dire Straits  Drink? Coconut water  Board Size? 8.5 Wheel Size? 52 Tight or Loose? Somewhere in between Trick? Kickflip Switch Trick? Kickflip  Switch or Regs? Both  Tranny or Street? Wish I could skate tranny Park? Rivers man Place to visit? Want to go to Europe. On Trend? Handplants 

Pop Shuv Palm Springs 

Non Favorites - 

Food? Mushrooms Movie? There's too many TV? Home and away Game? Fifa Music? Any new hip hop Drink? Vodka Trick? Double anything Dude? Too many Chick? Not enough Park? Bairnsdale Trend? Sex Changes Fashion? Exposed ankles Sport? Power walking Celebrity? Tom cruise 

Half Cab

Thank yous? 

My family, my sponsors and Andrew Mapstone! 

Words of Wisdom to the readers? 

Make the most of it while you still can! 

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