Vans Melbourne Go Skateboarding Day

Go Skateboarding Day dropped on a Wednesday for 2017, making it tough for skaters to get out and skate during the week day with the current dark winter weather, school or work so why not celebrate the following weekend… Well that’s what most of the country thought too with GSD celebrations across Australia, New Zealand and the rest of the world. Here in Melbourne skaters have come to expect to spend their GSD at Riverslide Skate park for the Vans GSD event. It’s a sure thing with the annual event providing free food, free event Tee, give aways and the opportunity to skate for cash and prizes for skaters of all skill levels and all ages. Year after year Vans works with Riverslide Ramp Builder Ryan Harbottle to craft a new obstacle for the park keeping things fresh. With Vans launch the #stoop series it made sense that the obstacle would be a skateable stoop… Some amazing tricks went down on the stoop and skaters were gifted with cash for their tricks. Take a look at the clip to see what went down. And we will see you next year for GSD 2018.

Pics by Skye Guyatt @transitionphotography

Clip Filmed and Edited by Neihana Tonkin and John Fitrzgerald


Ricky back tail skidding the length of the purpose built stoop 

 Cash money for skateboarding stunts is always good 

 Tommy Willie slider up along and over the top rope tanking his way out of there 

Bibi lock and loaded on a front smith avoiding the stairs 

 Tommy tipping into a front rocky with style and grace

Random kid getting hyped and walking away with rewards for complying with this rail grind



Callam goes backwards with open hands so he can snatch his cash on the way out

 Ben Weir from WA dips on in with this double dipped backside smith on the stoop

 Cameron Stanley the Canberra version.


Stoop series is live get involved and get skating @vansaustralia #vansstoop 

 Mashy skated harder and longer than anyone else poking this front krook then closing the day with the impossible lipslide over the stoop and back in.

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