Danny Jenkins' Photos

Fetus 19:43 04/May/08

Keeping all my shots to this one thread... feel free to comment etc, as long as you have something useful to say. Except "I'm Fucking Awesome", just let loose man.

First one is from a ramp jam at Shane Saye's place today... Mike D backside boneless.

Not sure whether to drag my others into this thread as I'm sure you've seen them all before, but I'll definately keep this thread updated.

Danny Jenkins' Photos

Fetus 19:44 04/May/08

self crit... wish you could see his other arm and board better oh well

krist-yarn 19:47 04/May/08

lighting is snaz, purple shirt, purple sky blend.
post more im interested

i'm funking awesome 19:51 04/May/08

i really like it man
good to see someone on this site can take a good photo...
well i know heaps can but theres a select few who have been flooding the forums with crap lately... not looking up above this post or anything though

lighting is good
trees work well i think
sick trick tooo

well done pal!

krist-yarn 19:53 04/May/08

bahah wtf?

frugy 19:58 04/May/08

nice photo, post more

wollongong woooooooo!

hello jae jae 20:47 04/May/08

don't got anything useful to say, but you take sick pics man!

jeme... 20:58 04/May/08

Yes, ive been waiting for you to make a thread for ages

Fetus 21:55 04/May/08

here's an oldie... Corey Leso from about 2002 shot on a 70's Chinon 35mm SLR. Fairy styles tire jump.

RE: Danny Jenkins' Photos

Fetus 22:00 04/May/08

and weasle again 5050 kinker at Steelers club, same 35mm

RE: Danny Jenkins' Photos

Fetus 22:09 04/May/08

one more of Corey, a back lip from '03

these are all old but havn't been posted before as far as I remember so I hope you enjoy them anyway

RE: Danny Jenkins' Photos

krist-yarn 07:13 05/May/08

get furthre back :)
the double kink one had potential

hartley 13:59 05/May/08

He looks like a tomato.

This is useful...

Fetus 15:04 05/May/08

haha well there was lots of drinking and yelling going on, maybe he was actually that colour?! I think the dusk sky and green ramp might have thrown off the white balance in the camera, didn't edit this shot, only resized

If he looks like a tomato, Fletch was definitely pickled

hartley 15:08 05/May/08

well if you didnt edit them, then thats my useful comment... edit them.

and yeah it would be the colour balance, look at the colour of his shoes.

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