skating in Fiji????

fat kid jezza 20:22 01/Apr/07

I know this sounds pretty stupid but is there anywhere or anything to skate in Fiji, Im going there for most of the holidays.

SYLVA. 20:25 01/Apr/07

anything?? surely that includes flat ground

its like anyother place, search and find

*Jarryd* 20:28 01/Apr/07

just find some local homies, they will direct you to the spots!

NAS 20:37 01/Apr/07

how about trying

not really george 21:50 01/Apr/07

yeah, go to the local shop or just ask ppl who are skating around

joe-joe 22:02 01/Apr/07

man my mum works there and there is shit all to skate.. On the way into nadi there is 1 spot with a dope manual pad but thats about it. also the holiday-in has sum anlke high ledges with coping but like its also shit... They have this american day thingy and they build a wooden park but thats only there for 1 month a year and its good if you get lucky and have a chance to skate it.

<-Ben-> 22:34 01/Apr/07

i think itll give you time to boost up your flat land tricks.

ttiimmyy 09:13 02/Apr/07

find a bent cocunut tree and pole jam it

McFly 09:14 02/Apr/07

maybe some pools?

joe-joe 18:38 02/Apr/07

oh yeah bring big wheels so you can just cruise around coz the grounds a little rough

GallantrydipsCunt 18:44 02/Apr/07

get your hair braded

its not gay AT ALL.

Tough Stough N$ REP
Tough Stough N$ REP 18:52 02/Apr/07

"yeah, go to the local shop or just ask ppl who are skating around"

Obviously you've never been to Fiji.

fat kid jezza 20:39 02/Apr/07

haha I dont think there will be many people skating there, and most definantly not be a skate shop, ohh well ill try

SYLVA. 20:51 02/Apr/07

bomb hills

TheWhiteSolely 05:53 26/Jan/17

Yo anyone know if there is a skate shop in fiji ? preferably Suva side but if nadi alg

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