DJ FORT emerica sponsor tape

#JEZZA! 22:26 23/Oct/05

check this kids sponsor tape out for emerica hes fucking rad as for such a small dude, bad quality footage tho...... IF THAT DOESNT WORK GO TO, then go to the news section then u will see first thing sponsor me video DJ FORT......

crazy eyes 23:06 23/Oct/05

hes no DJ Chavez thats for shure..

chippy the muff 23:26 23/Oct/05

sick shit...good find jezz

#JEZZA! 23:39 23/Oct/05

BAHAHHA NO DJ CHAVEZ, kids gnarly as, possibly gunna be the better version of greg myers......

chippy the muff 11:27 24/Oct/05

he already is better than g myers

aaron.. 15:50 24/Oct/05

the fs board for his last trick was so smooth and stylish!!!!!

FOG 17:00 24/Oct/05

That was very grand, he'll be up there soon.
Good find Jez.

Skate Minority 17:37 24/Oct/05

fuck yer, this kid is one to look out for!

Andrew.D 17:58 24/Oct/05

i liiked josh-swyers vid better real creative bit of a mong style but liked it more. DJ is deffo a crazy kid with style getting up from smashing his head to do that fs board was gnar

- Nathan - 20:13 25/Oct/05

damn that kid has a good style and good tricks. chomps handrails.

TYRANT 19:37 26/Oct/05

little kids are getting too good these days
its just bullshit

ady 22:51 26/Oct/05

awesumo that kid is, props

gay fag 23:52 26/Oct/05

another one? damn

Guss 00:58 27/Oct/05

another one that can fit in those pants with you? dam

sponno? 10:27 27/Oct/05

thats sooo god damn good

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