Cleveland Extension

Potty2617 04:50 26/Feb/19

Cleveland Extension

Mark Brimson
Mark Brimson 02:18 14/Mar/19

This is actually Gumdale, Brisbane, QLD.

The address is about 160 Ingleston Road, Gumdale 4154

It is a very small squared off tightish bowl about 4 feet tall, with a steep bank running along the back wall and ledge sitting out of it, a flat bar in the middle and a ledge and pad on the other side.

I have not skated it myself, but I went and had a look before it was completed and looks well built.

Some people have said it is more like a wide halfpipe with street obstacles in the way, while others have said it is a closed in street obstacle park, but either way it looks like a simple fun little place to skate once in a while or have a quick session with a couple of mates, as more than a few people and it would be too crowded.

It would look really good with a Stage 2 addition of flat banks out from the existing quarter sides and something else like a banked hip diagonally across the bottom end so water could drain out both sides.

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