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Vert 4 Trev! 09:38 09/Apr/09

I just got this email from Shane at Revolution who built all the park at Monster and various other places around the globe:

If any of you guys that live in Melbourne or have friends that may be interested please pass this on and let them know about the community consultation for the re-development of The She at Cranbourne.

Date tba.

Strange Days
Strange Days 10:01 09/Apr/09

I ain't on it tonight, I need shed for sheez
I don't care if your Japanese, Lebanese
Chinese, Siamese, just be from the seven seas

drew 10:22 09/Apr/09

The City of Casey’s Regional Skate facility ‘The Shed’ will soon undergo a major redevelopment. As part of the redevelopment, Council is seeking your input into the design of skate and BMX ramps and other elements that may be included in the overall design of the facility.
You are invited to attend one of the following consultation sessions:

Friday 17 April 2009, 1.30pm – 3pm
Meeting Room 7
City of Casey Civic Centre
Magid Drive Narre Warren,
Melways 110D4
(Near Fountain Gate Shopping Centre)

Friday 17 April, 4.30pm – 5.30pm
Balla Balla Centre
65 Berwick – Cranbourne Rd, Cranbourne
Melways 134B6
(Next to the Library)

For more information please contact Council’s
Recreation Planner, Mark Stahel on 9705 5200

RE: The Shed

GurooLotag 10:47 09/Apr/09

Yeap make sure you get there ppl. Last meeting I went to for this had 3 skaters, a rollerskating rink owner, the inline hockey association and 20+ band members from a highland group wanting to claim the Shed as a practice room.

yaaaaaaaaaaaaah 12:23 09/Apr/09

so is the guy from monster re doing it?

Shaneos 12:48 09/Apr/09

The Guys from Monster have nothing to do with it ,The design process is being looked after by Revolution ASC

GurooLotag 15:22 09/Apr/09

And of course, thanx for posting the info Trev !

TFI 15:57 09/Apr/09

I'd love to get some 'input' in the shed.

*Nosferatu* 17:55 09/Apr/09


Vert 4 Trev! 21:26 09/Apr/09

Yeah Shaneos has a new company called Revolution but he is the man with the brains. Has built so many parks, Vert ramps and other things around the globe and he can seriously skate. Shaneos is a good cunt!!!! BEST MAN

rickksb 21:37 09/Apr/09

i hope they build half legit ramps this time
the old ones started growing bark on them

Vert 4 Trev! 22:14 09/Apr/09

I am sure shaneos can build have decent ones. Check out the terror in torquay thread and look at the photo of the 13ft 40ft wide vert ramp he built for me.

GurooLotag 22:22 09/Apr/09

yup, our mission is to go to the meeting and say what we would like. So turn up people, this meeting is 16 months in the making.

Thank F(*& the council have people involved that have a clue.

dude that says stuff 11:40 10/Apr/09

move the whole skatepark away from cranbourne, worst location/area,
maybe they could move it to morno or something

Laura :) 19:12 13/Apr/09

i'll be there

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