Mooney Valley Consultation

Vagabond 10:18 14/Mar/09

The City of Moonee Valley has engaged Convic and ASR research to undertake a municipal wide strategy reviewing the current and future provision of skate facilities across the city. As part of this process, Council is looking for skateboarder residents of Moonee Valley to fill in an online survey to get initial feedback and information on what’s missing, what’s working, what you would like to see in Moonee Valley, where and why. This will not take much of your time.

The survey can be found at:

It would be great for those of you living in this area to get involved by sharing your views and ideas to help guide Council to provide the best possible facilities for skateboarders both now and well into the future.

As part of the study, we will also be having a meeting to talk about your needs and ideas in more detail. So come along and have your say! Convic Design and ASR Research will be running the workshop where we will gather information on the existing facilities in Moonee Valley as well as your thoughts on new parks and spaces, and what you think is needed in your city.

The workshop will be from 5 to 7pm on Thursday 18th of March at the Kellaway Avenue Neighbourhood Centre, Moonee Ponds (opposite Queens Park). It will be an open session for people to drop in over that time and provide information as necessary. It’s your chance to be heard and make a difference in the provision of future skate facilities in Moonee Valley so make sure you can be there!

fair dinkum
fair dinkum 10:39 14/Mar/09

you moving Luke?

Vagabond 18:04 15/Mar/09

No, but if I did Melbs would be the place. Skateparkarama

i wear moccos 10:13 16/Mar/09

very interested!

Vagabond 15:09 16/Mar/09


scotty! 22:04 16/Mar/09

that was quite the online survey!!

the more parks the merrier!

Candyman. 21:45 25/Mar/09

everyone sign this

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