new indoor park in mornington

THE DRUNKEN RIGHTS 14:27 06/Sep/05

there is a sweet indoor park opening up next friday night the 16th in mornington... the cook brothers and stevo dugec designed it and are adding the final touchs this week for the opening night.

new indoor park in mornington

Fetus 14:42 06/Sep/05

Where is Mornington?

THE DRUNKEN RIGHTS 14:47 06/Sep/05

10 minutes past frankston.. towards sorrento

+BeN+ 15:34 06/Sep/05


GurooLotag 16:09 06/Sep/05

Street? Ramp ? What they got there ?

MikeWale' 17:34 06/Sep/05

Sounds sick that some non bowl skaters designed it.. no offence to bowl skaters but yeh.. try get some photos?

THE DRUNKEN RIGHTS 18:01 06/Sep/05

i'll get some photos tomorrow night.. butt so far its a perfect 6 foot mini with a 7 foot extensions into a huge wall ride as smooth as prahns mini. the street course has a 3 stair euro gap with rail and hubbas. and an 9 stair rail getting made...

||biRDMan|| 18:03 06/Sep/05

sweet as no more gay gay gay shed YAY

THE DRUNKEN RIGHTS 18:05 06/Sep/05

you wont like it birdman cos you didnt like the showdown course........

||biRDMan|| 18:19 06/Sep/05

ow ok haha owell any thing i betta than shed i could just skate my ramp

||BLANK|| 13:42 07/Sep/05

yuh jus skate ur ramp birdy and save urself from being beat up in mornington for being such a noob.....jus jokn bman.

Steele 09:58 08/Sep/05

Indoor park in mornington! Just reading that brought back some memories (there have been 2 other indoor parks there).

Post some pic pics pronto!

sylva skater 18:09 11/Sep/05

were is it
state etc

justy 19:21 11/Sep/05

hotel sorrento

#G3OFF#COOK# 18:32 12/Sep/05

on the peninsula melborne vic.. getting some pics tomorrow night.

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