Must Read Jenkem Article

Potty2617 09:33 13/Dec/18

How can we help skate shops alive?

Must Read Jenkem Article

Potty2617 05:26 14/Dec/18

How can we help skate shops alive?

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krim 00:09 17/Dec/18

Good read - tough gig. Can I have a discount Potty? haha.

It's even harder in Australia when there's another layer of margins built in (distributors). And companies geo targeting in skate shop areas is a super kook thing to do I reckon.

This problem goes past skate shop though - bricks and mortar retail in general is dying a slow death and we'll regret it when they are gone and everything is on eBay and Amazon... That rhymed.

Mark Brimson
Mark Brimson 22:05 17/Dec/18

To start with, Geelong skateshop which I have visited once and in turn which has a solid online presence with constant discounts and good deals is better than most, but if you don't live locally to it and order from here rather than from your own local, is this perpetuating the demise of the local store?

I know for myself and others, the choice is pretty simple as we would rather buy from here than the local because it is easier to deal with being 24/7 online, has better stock and costs less with the 20% off orders over $200, which is always a make or break for the average skateboarder with not much $$$ to speak of.

Some of the biggest and best Australian skate shops - Boarders (NSW), Kingpin (NSW regional) and OCD (VIC) - are well covered with all options, having both the physical store and a significant online presence, so I do not feel guilty buying from any of them and have been into all their stores while travelling, but there are minimal local options where I live - 40 kms+ to the first "real skateshop" and further to any that I am interested in supporting, especially now I am not working so much and don't have as much income to spend on skate shop purchases.

One of the biggest issues I have come across is a lot of skaters, young and old, often do not feel comfortable going into "real skateshops" saying either location, not what they want in stock, or just don't like the people behind the counter "cool dude attitude" or whatever, which often surprises me as I have almost never found the people working in the shops to be like that, but once they get a bee in their bonnet about something, they will never go back there which is really frustrating to shop owners when they don't even know why.

There are still more skate shops than ever in and around Brisbane and the Gold Coast, so people are often spoilt for choice as well, but this can also mean that sales and in turn profits are divided between too many locations, which also means more of a struggle, price wars, dropping prices and discounting and the slippery slope of margins, etc.

On the Gold Coast, Precinct recently put up an instagram post $269 complete special for any pro deck, trucks and wheels, which is a pretty good deal, but Darkside used to have the $99 pro deck or $249 complete deal and now under Paradise Skateshop in Surfers Paradise, Mark still does the $249 complete deal there too, so it seems there are still really good deals and good skate shops in existence, always posting new stock drops and board sales which in turn generates more interest from free social media marketing.

Brisbane has a lot of inner city and CBD stores - Parliament, Dropouts and Fasttimes being the main ones, which I have not been to in over a year, never really going in to the city, but it seems some are still very active and have a lot of interest, but many of the suburban stores are struggling or seem to have little in the way of future which is sad. I can't help but think that they often don't have enough new stock, generate enough local interest or have enough local presence in running events, putting on things to make skaters more interested in their shop or just getting their name out there more, but I don't see or hear everything going on.

Lastly for anyone that says I constantly sell product or have issue with what I do in helping people, I buy everything I have from local shops or Aussie online stores, often using the discount codes, or buying from the sale areas, or making use of the special deals, and I don't go round actively trying to sell things, but when people I know are looking for something or need something, whether they can afford it or not, I can usually help (almost always at a loss to me but I don't mind), but more often than not nowdays, I actually try to direct people to the shops that are local to them and have the product in stock, as I cannot afford to buy much and it is way easier but I still find a lot of people do not want to go into the shops for whatever reason, being too hard getting there, don't like the shop or the staff or just would rather not have the face to face contact, which is becoming such an issue in this world where everyone can sit in their own bubble, not have to deal with the outside world and still get everything they need delivered to their door via internet sales.

Sorry for the short post turned into hour long rant. It was not meant to be, more just a pouring out of thoughts via the keyboard.

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