Money 4 Da Honey

Potty2617 09:49 12/May/17

Community Service announcement from the @the_grim_creepers So our homie @yeahsheezy is going over to the states to qualify for x games but she broke azzzz fuck. Even though we aint big fans of shit like x games sheezy is our mate so were puting together this shindig to get her some cash for the states. Sat 27th of may at northcote bowl 2pm. There will be a whole bunch of rad prizes supplied by the legends on the flyer to win and for people shredding, there will be skate shit, art shit, tattoo shit and real shit available. PLEASE come down on the day and get amongst the chaos also PLEASE REPOST THIS! And REPOST THIS and REPOST THIS! #grimcreeperevent #grimcreepers #payday4naenae #moneyfordahoney cheers to @wade_johnson and @lucylou89 for doin up the flyer. Big thanks @vansaustralia @f_s_c_ @device_skateboards @globebrand @bravenproducts @theevetrucks @vicmarkettattoo @trinitydis

Money 4 Da Honey

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