drew 11:22 03/Dec/14

This past Saturday saw the Wild In The Parks Championship event go down at Fernside Skate Park in Waterloo, Sydney. With a full line up of entrants from all over Australia, New Zealand and even the USA, the level of skating was high to say the least.

The 15 & Unders kicked off the day and it was soon we noticed Joey Cormack was going to be the one to beat. He held a strong hold on the event all day, but with a late injury to one of the finalists, an outsider was moved up the ranks to fill his spot. This outsider was none other then last years runner up Tai Wepa, who had travelled all the way from Auckland for this event. Tai took this opportunity and ran with it. Unstoppable in the final he took the golden ticket, 1st place and all the spoils that went with it. We had Sam Sutton in 3rd who was strong all day as well. Growing bounds in the past 6 months, Sam looks big enough to skate in the opens, his style and trick selection are faultless and he is definitely going to be a contender for years to come.

The girls division was up next and they weren’t to disappoint. USA pro Lacey Baker was in town, and the girls asked for a Wild Card entry for Lacey. Happy to oblige, we let her in and she stole the show. A style so seasoned she had all eyes on her the entire event. Huge Nollie Inward Heels out of the Kicker. Kick Flip Nose Wheelies on anything she desires, Lacey is a well rounded skater that took first place and a few hearts at the same time. 2nd place was Adelaide own Kat Williams, who showed her experience and skated the entire park including Nose grinds on the 3 stair out ledge every try. 3rds went to the young gun from Victoria, Hayley Wilson. Hayley also skated the entire park, but it was her approach to the obsticles that caught the eyes of the judges and the crowd alike. A mix of old and new is best how we can describe this young ladys skating. Pure joy was the expression when she was awarded 3rd and possibly the happiest person at the event!

Then we had the big boys. The big dowgs. With last years winner and park local and favourite to take the event, now sitting in the judging booth it was anyone’s to take this year. Clint Kenneally, Beau Hinge, Angus Thomas, and Aaron Winter were always going to be stand outs and hard to keep off the podium, but the final 3 came down to Ben Currie in 3rd with his solid and consistent skating, he always looks good on the board, but the next 2 took the technical factor that big higher and secured their spots. 2nd was Beau Reid who stylishly cruised around the park with Switch Back Lips on the rain, Switch Heels over the rail and more. 1st place as always needs to do a lot to hold the others out, and on this day, no one did more then Cody Riley. Cody skated ever obstacle in the park, but not only did he do this, he made sure every trick was next level. Cruising past a ledge towards the big section, he would wack in a Kicky Nose Grind, then smash up the big section like he had just got a fresh run up. It was this approach that made him hard to be and the 2014 WITP Champ. He has won himself a ticket to the USA where he will compete in the World WITP Champ in 2015 and have a shot at $15,000.00USD.

Well done to all the competitors and thanks for all the support. Its been a great year and we cant wait to see you all again next year.

cuntm8noworries 15:15 03/Dec/14

holy fuck 6:14!!

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