Matty Dillon Interview

By Phil Billingsby (P), Schooner (S) and Rhys Grogan (R) - Photos Coady + Wolfgang

Nosegrind - Wolfgang

P. Big Daddy ��� why can�t you drink any alcohol during this interview?

M. Because I went out 2 days ago, got in a fight over something stupid and got arrested and charged for fighting on the streets on George Street in Sydney. So now I can�t drink anymore until I go to court.

P.Okay ��� Good shit

R. Wait I got one���. What was it like appearing in the tv series � little darlings � in 1980 with Christy Mcdonald, as part of two young women trying to come first to lose their virginity.

M. ( Laughs ) It was a very good experience and I really enjoyed that show ( laughs ) , I had a good time with the girls but I can�t really explain it, it confidential ( laughs )

R. Matt Dillon, you told people magazine that � I used to get in a lot of fights � ( laughs )

M. yeah that is true. (Laughs)

P. holy shit (laughs) ���. We got to keep going

S. This is all Good material.

M. Like I said though, Ive given up all the boxing, hung up the gloves.

SW 180 - Wolfgang

P. All right tough cunt aside ( laughs ) Have you and kizza ever fooled around ?

M. No

P. why not ? he�s a handsome man

M. we have slept in the same bed together

P well that�s gay

M. we�ve never touched each other, he used to always creep on into my bed when he had nowhere else to sleep ( laughs ) but nothing ever went down.

P. okay section 2 of that question�� why didn�t you let him go to second base and why are you such a homophobe?( laughs )

M. Because I�m a homophobe, that�s why he didn�t get to second base ( laughs ) My mums pretty homophobic, she used to always tell me as I was growing up � you better not be fucking gay � ( laughs ) and that�s deadest serious ( laughs ) I don�t know I don�t care that people are gay, I don�t mind it its chilling, I just don�t like it gay shit, I just don�t like people being gay around me I don�t care if there gay it�s just when they do poofter shit around me

P. alright alright alright.

S. enough of the queer shit.

P. why do you have the same name as the actor from there�ssomething about Mary, Matt Dillon?

M. Because my mum loved matt Dillon I guess, It was her favourite actor so she decided to name me matt Dillon., nah I�m just kidding, my second name came from my mums side, my middle name came from my dad�s side and my first name is the middle name of my dad.

P. And what is your middle name?

M. James

SW Heel - Coady

P. alright I was expecting something a little more entertaining, 3 first names. Never trust a man with 3 first names.

P. have you ever thrown rock�s at the world largest oyster? ( laughs )

M. Nah but it would be pretty cool tho ( laughs )

P.whats the best thing about being from Taree and what is the worst ?

M. the best thing about being from Taree is I�ve met a fair few legends, as of which is one of my mates, Norman R.I.P, he�s an absolute legend, one of those people you meet you know, happy all the time with big smile on their face, but the worst thing about it is that it�s a fucking scummy, shitty dirty dollar scabbing place, it�s just disgusting, I�m glad I got out of there.( laughs )

P. so am I( laughs ) , next question ���. Please explain to us what is the new particle commonly known as the god particle,

M. I cant tell you that, I don�t even know.

P. They definitely didn�t teach that at taree high ( laughs )

M. Azar threw that question out so fuck him

P. that�s a good answer .

P are you the best skater to ever come out of taree?

M. I don�t really know.

P. isn�t Russell Grundy from taree ?

M nah

SW FS Boardy - Coady

P. oh all right

M, there�s some good skaters,

R. better then you ?

M probably

R, really ?

M. I don�t know, Blake Ballard rips, Norman Hardkiss rips, Cody Passfield.

P.why do you stick Kieran�s DC stickers everywhere.

M. I did it once, tried to do it again just to make my board look a little bit colourful and schooner and rhysey boy had a little tantrum at me and I felt like a child so I had to put the sticker down. ( laughs )

P. bunch of bullies aye

.P ( laughs ) have you ever cried in a movie���.. if so what one ��� besides danny ways new documentary ?

M ( laughs ) I�ve never cried in a movie

P. Bullshittttttt

M I�ve gotten close to crying

P. lionking ? ��� the notebook ? ���. Theres something about mary when warren loses his baseball.

M no, I can�t say I have cried, ive gotten like a little teary tickle but no I haven�t cried and I can�t remember which movie so no I can�t really help ya. ( pauses ) maybe titanic.

P. you poofter ( laughs )..Righto �.. After you inevitably get the boot from your place in pyrmont where you live with Maca and Kieran, do you think the 3 of you will try to find another place In the city or will it be time to head overseas?

M.fuck keiran, fuck maca ( laughs ) I�m out of here, I'm going overseas, I�m going to probably live at Aaron Drakes for about four months on his floor save up some cash with the savings that I�ve already got and hopefully do a good trip to Europe and America

Ollie - Coady

P. where abouts are you looking forward to the most ?

M Europe, probably Barcelona

P ohhhhhhhh lots of gays there ( laughs )

M ( laughs ) Amsterdam

P. I wonder why ( laughs )

M I don�t know I have to experience it first I can�t just say my favourite place.

p. theres plenty more in the world then taree hey.

P. allright should we wrap this cunt up ?

M. Im not good at interviews

R,. What do you think of you�re your brother kevin dillons performance in entourage ?

M. yeah I thought it was good, I like the movie entourage ( laughs )

.p. It�s a tv show you idiot.

P. Who would you like to thank before we bail ?

M. My friends,family,good times, party time . Rome for hooking me matix product , Chris at amnesia for boards and kent at afends for sun glasses flow ... · 1800 034 588·