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Kerry 'The Fish' Fisher may work in the skateboard industry, but that doesn't necessarily make him an 'industry guy'. When I think of 'industry guys' I picture fat dudes who used to skate 'back in the day', but now spend most of their time on the interweb message boards complaining about the 'new generation' or attempting to discreetly promote their wares.
This is not 'The Fish'. Kerry is the most amped skateboarder I know - always the last man still charging, slamming and stoking the session. He's a good-time-party-dude with no energy for industry rumours or the general shit talking that we all so often find ourselves a part of.
From his early days as an OG Baulkham Hills local in Sydney with Michael 'Davo' Davidson, to his debut pro-model on Omni in '92, through to his running of Criminal Skateboards during the latter part of the 90's and early 00's, and onward to his current posting in Melbourne as the Nike SB Business Manager, Kerry Fisher has, and continues to be an integral part of the Oz skate scene.
Most importantly though, above and beyond all else, Fish is a true sickunt. cuzza

fishlips - sickquence: gourlay

Have you met Michael Jordan?


Michael Jordan was the world's 2nd best number 23 behind Dermott Brereton. He was ok at basketball. Eric Koston likes basketball. Have you heard of him or even bumped into him in the corridors lately?

Would be good to bump into Koston anywhere, the dude is good, real good... Why do you think I might see him in the corridors at Nike?

What factors are important to good B.P.F (back pocket flair)?

I love that you have a name for it, B.P.F, amazing. That one is easy, needs to reflect some sort of colour that ties into the outfit you have chosen for the day, can't be too loud and needs to look natural. It can fit any program be it casual or formal. It is very important on how you fold it so that it fits easily and comfortably into your left back pocket. Not a lot of people have the skills I have when it comes to B.P.F as I have never lost one when skating. I have about 20 piece's of flair for all occasions

Does anyone else inspire you in the area of excellence in flair?

Of course, David Lee Roth is the master and my inspiration, Van Halen Baby... Can you imagine a scissor kick with out B.P.F?


I hear you were involved in some flair consultancy regarding a new a shoe that is about to drop. Tell us about that?

Yeah I got to put one of my artworks (if you would call it art ?) on the sock linear of the new Harbor that released in May. The guys over at Nike SB then used the colour influence to design the new Zoom Air Harbor. It's a pretty good feeling seeing a shoe with something you have created ending up on it, especially when they include your name on it. (pic attached)

You have adidas, converse and gravis now making a push into the market. How do you plan to crush them?

I like that with these new brands coming into the market place it is keeping everyone on their toes. It is exciting to see the new retail landscape, I think it is helping grow the industry in many positive ways. Without change there will never be progression. We have no need nor desire to "crush" the competition as I believe Nike product speaks for itself and has already proved itself in the market place and this is what will set us apart from our competitors.

What makes a good coffee?

I think it is not 'what' makes a good coffee but more who makes it... Try Zappa at 206 Bank Street South Melbourne, best coffee you will ever have, ask for Michael and tell him I sent you.

You know I had a photo in a magazine and they called me you? How do you live with the shame?

I did see that one photo it was a beauty of you in the pot hole wasn't it? You were at about 8.30 pm? I still can't believe they called you me either??? What a good time that was at the Pot Hole on the first visit. This is the first time I had ever seen groups of Skateboarders from around Australia at one spot just to come and skate, no event, no party, no industry who ha, just good old skateboarding madness... I am so glad I was a part of it.

fishless - gourlay During the 90's when you were wakeboarding more than you were skating, did you have a pocket especially stitched onto the back of your wetsuit so that you could have a bandanna hanging out of it?

Ok here we go, I knew this one was coming... I can see now that you have asked people for some dirt, you got me.... I don't think I was on the water more than I was Skateboarding but I did learn the best thing I could ever learn and that is nothing can ever replace skateboarding, not even summers on the river with your own boat a caravan and beers... Also there was no wetsuit so no flare needed... This was a summer time activity strictly... Anyway what actually came out of the 90's that was good anyway?

Why won't you give me a big Nike SB sticker for my friends VL commodore?

I won't give anyone a big sticker for their car. I can't control who puts stickers on their cars and I have seen some brands "big" stickers end up in the wrong places where you really don't want to see your brand end up... Especially riff raff that you hang around and more importantly on VL commodores.

List these five things in order of importance to you.. Girlfriend, Skating, Wakeboarding, Fashion, Your current job

1. Girlfriend, Miss Hana Tek...
2. Skateboarding although this is a given...
3. Fashion / My Job
4. Aquatic Rollerblading.

The slogan "gettin rad! alright". Please explain.

Were you perving on me again when I took my shirt off the other day? My Girl Friend Hana Hi Tek did that tattoo for me and I love it... She is very talented at tattoo'ing. We came up with this one night in her tattoo shop, we were talking about getting RAD and then I guess it just went from there. Next thing I know I have a tattoo on my ribs with two banners, one says "Getting Rad" and the other one says "Allright". Its just fun.

Do you have any plans on turning yourself pro for Nike?

I don't think that is possible, Middsy won't even come through with a local contract for me, tough crowd there....

If you could poach one person who would it be? Gwen Stefani...

If you could kick off someone of the US pro Nike SB team who would it be and why?

That question is way too hard... This is why we have TM's.

Are your feebles better than Jim's?

Jim can certainly Feeble grind, actually I think everyone can throw a mean feeble grind these days. I learnt Feebles from Wade Burkit, that dude made them look good. The long and the short is that I choose what I feeble as Jim treats them like a cheap hooker, does them anywhere...

Can you break-dance? If so, are you prepared to battle in public?

Check out Corbin Presents, the bowl a rama episode

Is Debacle going to be full of c grade acting?

You will be able to see for yourself if you check out your local Skateboard store on a yet to be announced date in June for a simultaneous Premiere and decide for yourself.... I know the guys have worked super hard on this HD movie and our very own Chris Middlebrook has played an important part behind the lenses especially with Shane's part...

fishplant - sickquence: gourlay

Do you find it hard to protect your Subaru from the odours and excretions of sweaty stinky skateboarders?

My Subaru has stood the ultimate test and that is having Dustin riding shot gun for the last HOON run that went for 2 weeks. Feet on dash, beer getting spilt, bottles ejected from car, skateboard landing where ever when thrown in the boot... Wouldn't have it any other way. On a side note, best dude to have in your car for the long haul.

Are you mad at Dustin for selling "don't do it" t-shirts?

Yes, very mad. We might even have a fist fight about it...

Who would win out of a fight between you and Dustin and how?

I don't think Dustin would be the fighting type? I think he would win but not with his fists, potentially he would find my weak points and emotionally wear me down and then once I am an emotional wreck he would launch onto me from a seated position then he would start biting my shins while tying my shoe laces together so I would trip when I get up then he would slobber in my ear and keep torturing me about how its not his fault it's his fault...

Is a single gear really less gay than a fixed gear?

Have you ever ridden a fixed gear? Man I have only ever ridden one around the block and those things are gnarly. Sure I know what you are saying that some dudes make that shit look gay but the fact is that they are crazy. I have 2 single speed bikes that I love to ride, I try and ride my bike everyday. My favourite one is this red Malvern star bike that Dean Finch built me, what a champ.... So the answer to your question is that I would say a single gear bike is gayer than a fixed gear bike... Lets just thank all the trendy kids for killing that one for us....

Are Nike rider contractually obliged to thank their Team Managers at the end of each interview?

I don't think they would have to thank them, I think a lot of the time they would legitimately want to thank the TM. I know Middsy does one hell of a good job with the guys here in Australia and is always looking out for them and always providing a new angle on how to get stuff done for them...

What do you think of interview ender questions?

Well they have to happen cause there always needs to be an end to an interview... If you mean Thank you's I think they are good, they give a person a platform to thank the people that have helped them along the way or helped them with the interview. I am going to make it a point to thank people more often for helping me instead of saving it up for times like these. If this was to be my "ender question" I would word the answer like this...

Thanks all the guys here in Australia and around the world that I get to go skateboarding with all the time, what a rad bunch of guys, good friends on and off the skateboard.

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