Blake Harris Interview

By Moey

What�s been going on? Where are you living at the moment?

I�ve just been skating and chillin playin a little bit of golf, trying to save up some cash to travel. I�ve been living back home since Christmas which is northern NSW around Murbah Lismore, staying between my parents� places and mates houses. There�s heaps of nice waterholes out in the bush�that are good to hang at.

You been playing golf for long? Any good at it or just a bit of a putter? Do you camp out at these water holes? Any rock jumping close calls or camping stories?�

Just been playing golf since Christmas time - I had a rolled ankle so I couldn�t skate and my mate�Jamie from Murbah�took me to the golfy in town and�we had a little chip and putt and ever since then I�ve liked it. Then it turned out my dad had an old set of clubs, he gave them to me and�I just got into it - I was almost playing everyday! Its a great game, I�m not the best at it�but I�ve had my fair share of birdys!� Nah don�t really camp out at these water holes but we have the odd bbq out there, take out some beers, some meat and a hotplate, crank a fire and your on!�� there are a few cliff jumps around but ive never really�had any close calls except one time when I almost broke my ribs trying a head on backy! ahah

Gnar. Who are you skating with back home? And in Melbourne?

Back home been skating with Tony from Pharside skateshop, a few of the local shop shredders and just the boys from Mur Bah, or on my own if no one�s keen. In Melbs got a good crew like Willy Hine, Brett Roydz, Vaughn Marks, Happy and there�s heaps of other maddogs aswell.

BS Flip - Moey

Working a job at the moment?

Not really, I�ve been working with my dad doing a bit of insurance work on houses with fire or water damage, but we haven�t been getting as many jobs as we would like so works been a little slow......

Filming for anything right now? Foundation? Have you skated with any of the team in the states?

Yeh I just filmed a little clip for Orion trucks which should be out soon. I haven�t skated with any of the foundation team yet, but I plan on traveling to the states in the next 2 months. I plan on getting to know the foundation team and shredding with them!

Well done at the City Squared comp� What did you get for placing first? What are you going to do with your prize money?

Thanks mate... I won 4Gs, I plan on traveling to the states with it.

FS Feebs Fakie - Moey

Going overseas soon? I saw a clip of you shredding in Europe ages ago� have you done much traveling?

Yeh I�ve done a little bit but not as much as I�d like but I�ve done a bunch of little trips around Aus and spent a couple of months in Europe a couple years ago. I�m definitely due for another trip!

Any rowdy travel stories? Mishaps in customs? Baggage loss?

Well there�s been a few rowdy travel stories, one that springs to mind is when I was in Germany in this town called Freiburg�with Vaughn and my other mate Luke - we had to fly out at like 5 in the morning and the airport was across 3 countries on the autobahn in Belgium, so the night before we go out for a beer, it was about 9�at night then it turned into a shit load of one-mores then we discovered they sold massive glass boots of beer so we had a few of them and before we knew it, it was 3 in the morning and we had to get back to where we were staying, pack up our shit and we were off running down these cobble stone streets looking for a taxi or a train something to get us to the airport! After struggling around the streets with all our luggage for about half an hour�we found the train station and there was a cab out the front so told him we were late and we would pay him extra to get us to Belgium airport quick smart so he flew down the autobahn at about 200-240km we made it to the airport just in the nic of time as we got to the�gate�with 1 minute to spare!! We were all pretty haggard by this time and after a no sleep hungover flight we arrived in London and as we get off the flight the announcements say no more flights�will be heading in or out of London due to a massive ash cloud! That was a�close one!�

haha heavy. Where would you like to live most?

I�m not really sure I�ve found a place yet� there�s a massive world out there but Melbourne�s a great city along with Paris.�

SW BS Heel - Moey

Whats the skate vibe like in Paris? Similar to Melbourne? Do you speak any French? What's stopping you from moving down south to Melbourne?�

The vibe in Paris is really good - good spots, nice people. I don�t speak French but I was slowly picking up the basics. I guess it�s a bit like Melbourne as the city�s are sort of skate friendly. Well I only just�moved up this way around Chrissy time,�I am only up north until I travel to the states then I plan on moving back to Melbourne!

I was told you front feebled the big Little Collins rail for some popcorn chicken?

It was probably nuggets from Maccas......mmmmmm......ahahah

If you could change anything from the last few years what would it be? If anything.. Do you have any advice for young up and coming skateboarders?�

I wouldn�t change anything, live and learn from your experiences.�My advice would be - don�t worry be happy!!

What are your top 5 skate videos?

WTF Foundation, Yeah right, Stay Gold,�Flip Extremely Sorry and�the new Blind vid.

Crooks - Moey

What are your top 5 parts?

Bryan Herman Stay Gold!, Paul Rodriguez Yeah Right, Grant Patterson Blind vid, Cody Mcentire Smoke and Mirrors and Mark Appleyard Flip - all the Sorrys!!

What will your next full length video part be in?

Not sure only time will tell

Anyone you'd like to thank?

Everyone!�Friends and family, mum and dad�and all my sponsors,�Tony at�Pharside skate shop, Foundation, Dekline, Pete at Goliath,�Orion trucks,�Skullcandy, Skunkos with Type S wheels · 1800 034 588·