Benjamin de Rome

Interview + Photos Wolfgang

Age: 20
Home: North Curl Curl, Sydney
Sponsors: None
Top 5 parts at the moment?

Mango – Worship Friendship
Elijah Berle – Pretty Sweet
Gilbert Crockett – Life Splicing
Dean Palmer – Ordinary Madness (even though I haven’t seen it yet)
Ben Raybourn – Welcome to Slave clip

Top 5 bands/musicians

Split Enz
John Maus
Atlas Sound
Beach House
Thee Oh Sees

Vairal Heel - Wolfgang

Top 5 tricks?

Stand up grinds
FS Ollies with a nice tail smack
Fakie flips
Nollie inward heels
5-0 fakie’s

Top 5 things about filming for Gnarlshred the movie?

The Pirate Bat parties
The homies
Street cred haha jk
Watching Smyth try and kickflip the Sheckler gap was alright
There were a million other things
Top 5 skaters that influence you?

Julius “Hog” May
Jake Smyth
Thomas Kuss
Olly West
Lewis Wood

Top 5 Australian skaters?

Coming in hot Dean Palmer
Rhys the gronk Grogan
Anthony Bull
Jake Hayes

Flip Pick - Wolfgang

Top 5 Australians? (non skaters)

Donno, my favorite Aussie would probably have to be Portnoy even though he skates.

Top 5 spots?

Manly Bowl
Court Sports
All around Manly

Top 5 eating establishments?

Moo Burgers
Some organic vegan place in Neutral Bay that had all this weird fake meat and crispy soy.
I don’t really eat that much

Top 5 activities when the sun goes down?

Playing pool
Gronking it

5050 pop out - Wolfgang

For the people reading at home that may be unfamiliar with the term 'Gronking it', in your own words, could you please enlighten them?

Fuck what I think. It may be different for other gronk's or the king gronk Rhys Grogan, but gronking it is doing everything really shit but still having fun while you're doing it and not giving a single fuck.

I think you just gronked it.

Top 5 things to blow your money on if you won the lottery tomorrow?

A lifetime supply of VB
A new set of lungs
A Casino
Maybe an investment property?
I donno, something shit
Why are you addicted to sanding your skateboard at every spot?

I donno it’s like this bad habit, well it’s good but it’s not haha. I just like the edge of my board to feel smooth and it stops small chips getting bigger. Makes your board last way longer? Kind of like smoking, you do it when you get bored.

Top 5 sandpaper brands?

Yeah, I need a sandpaper sponsor

Big Flip - Wolfgang

Top 5 websites?

That’s all I really use the internet for
Top 5 adult beverages?

VB the very fucking best
Chemotherapy (strictly limited to Portnoy’s pirate bar)
Pickle Backs (strictly limited to Portnoy’s pirate bar)
Tequila Sunrise by the beach
Top 5 Instagrams?

No brainer, Fagzone. RIP.

Top 5 things that piss you off?

People not answering their phone when you’re trying to skate or someone not having a phone (Julius).
Working full-time
Having to wipe babies asses to make an honest dollar
Selfies, hippies, hipsters
People that don’t skate
Top 5 things about working at a daycare center?

The smell of fresh poo in the morning
Sick day's
Teaching kids the wrong stuff
Watching them fight
Dean Palmer: Ultimately, what does Ben de Rome really want?

I just want to gronk it errday
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