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SNOWLZILLA Jindabyne 22/09/2019 – Jindabyne Skatepark


BIGSHOT Drinks, Beach Burrito Company and BOWLZILLA are rolling into Jindabyne skatepark for a ballin’ good time to celebrate the end of the Australian 2019 snow season at the first ever skate comp at Jindabyne skatepark.


BOWLZILLA is getting the ball rolling with the skating, BIGSHOT Drinks are bringing the fun for this Over 18s skate jam and Beach Burrito Company are keeping it all going with the awards ceremony and after party. It’s going to be a Ballin’ afternoon of Fun & Shredding at Jindabyne Skatepark.


SNOWLZILLA is the first year for this end of snow season skate jam at Jindabyne skatepark. Incredibly this will be the first ever comp at the skatepark but it is just the start of many years to come for what is going to become the traditional end of snow season skate celebration.


"Our roots at BIGSHOT Drinks are in the action sports scenes. We’re all snowboarders, MX riders, surfers and skaters. Being able to put on a celebration where we have so many of our crew are based for the season and cover so many of our interests is bloody awesome. We’re going to have a lot of fun this first year and we can’t wait to blow everyone away with what we have install for the many years ahead.” Tim Vlandis – BIGSHOT Drinks – CMO   


“We opened Beach Burrito Company Jindabyne because we love snowboarding and wanted to have an embassy of fun where we spend so much of our time outside of work. SNOWLZILLA is the perfect coming together of all of our passions. Hit the slopes in the morning with our friends, go for a skate in the afternoon and then celebrate it all with tacos and BIGSHOTs in the evening – EPIC!” Blake Read – Beach Burrito Company – El Jefe


The SNOWLZILLA skate jam is an Over 18s only comp with Open and Women’s divisions. The skating is being judged by use of the whole park – bowl and street course combined. The winners will be awarded for their highest scoring 35 second run through the whole park. It’s free to enter and there are a lot of prizes for the first year.


“Our friends own drink companies and Mexican restaurants and want us to help put together a skate session at a great skatepark in an awesome location and celebrate it all with an afterparty of tacos and drinks. Thanks for thinking of us. Or course we’ll be there! BOWLZILLA has always been about the gathering of our friends and the fun that comes from that. SNOWZILLA is blindingly obvious. Not sure why it has taken so long for something like this to happen? We’re here now though and that means many years of good times ahead with all our friends. Pack your bags and come celebrate with us.” Chad Ford – BOWLZILLA - President



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22nd September 2019


Event info:

Competition – Over 18s; Open and Women’s divisions

Judging – flow comp, use of whole park – bowl and street course, best run counts

Entry – free

Location – Jindabyne Skatepark: 4 Bay St, Jindabyne, NSW, Australia 2627

Times – 2pm start, Women and then Open division

Awards Ceremony / After Party – SNOWBALLIN’ – official after party – Beach Burrito Company; 3/5 Kosciuszko Rd, Jindabyne NSW 2627, Australia PH: +61 2 6457 2681


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MOSS Deck/Art Show 2019

MOSS Deck/Art Show 2019

MOSS Deck Art Show 2019
Turning Art Into Water for MOSS Foundation
Friday 11th Oct.
Silent Auction starts 6:30pm.
Last bids 9:30pm
Take your decks home on the night.


Top artists from around this planet are donating their original one off art works for clean water in Swaziland / eSwatini.

100% of the sale price of every piece goes to funding a life changing MOSS Foundation permanent clean water scheme in Swaziland, southern east Africa.
(No commissions, no admin costs, no gallery commission or artist fees, no food or wine costs. It's all sponsored.)
Every dollar you spend goes to clean water in Swaziland / eSwatini.

6:30pm Friday 11th October 2019.

Altmann Studio & Gallery.
Factory 5, 15 Advantage Road, Highett. Vic 3190,
Melbourne, Australia.
Instagram: @altmann_studio
Facebook: @AltmannStudioAndGallery

Kid Friendly.
Free entry.
Tickets not required.

Major Sponsors:
Altmann Studio & Gallery @graeme_altmann
Urban Alley Brewery @UrbanAlleyBrewery #UrbanAlleyBrewery
Hardcore Distribution @hardcore_1978
About Bob @about_bob

Check out previous MOSS Deck Art Show at

What is MOSS?
- MOSS Foundation is a 100% volunteer Not For Profit founded by skateboarders, musicians, artists and surfers.
- MOSS Foundation has been building life changing permanent water schemes like this one in Swaziland, southern east Africa since 2006...

What is MOSS Jam?
- One day skate event fund raiser for clean water in Africa.
- Top Australian & international skaters compete in the Vert Pool Bowl.
- Check out the MOSS Jam wrap at...

MOSS Foundation - Clean Water Saving Lives

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Songs from THPS Live

Songs from THPS Live

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