Weston Creek

Scout Place, Weston ACT 2611 (Near McDonalds & Tennis Club - about 15 km south west of Canberra City Centre)

Opened early 2000. This was once arguably the best park in Canberra, including Tuggeranong !



Weston Creek

Weston Creek

Weston Creek

Weston Creek

Weston Creek

Weston Creek

Weston Creek

Weston Creek

Weston Creek

Weston Creek


  1. Lucky Phil

    Best park including Tuggeranong? Yeah right.... Best park in CBR no worries. Smooth crete, never have to go in the same direction twice, sweet trannies, sick bowl(s), only decent box in CBR and the only park in CBR with lights till 10:00...apart from Tuggeranong

  2. Lucky Phil

    Last week I saw a kid break his arm in the bowl. The bone was sticking out. Needless to say, I was bummed.

  3. weston haz

    best skatepark in oz. best design, super smooth, no kinks in the coping except for the rail (silly bikers),anybody would like this park, theres macers just up the road for ya food, shiftys just up the road to for ya skateing needs and a mall and a salvos, its pretty good.


    It wasn't a bike that dented the shotgun, it was someone smashing it with a chunk of concrete. I saw it happen.

  5. weston haz

    the bowls are a dream ride and so is the mini, best park in CBR, its only 2 minuts away for shiftys go there at night during the week and you can own it (exept for those stoner chicks that sit on the hill) best place for comps as they always go off, you never get bored of it (i practaly live there) so come down for a skate im very lonly.

  6. // Jolt //

    That park is my life.

  7. Parker

    sweet park but there's not mmany sweet street spots around so if you go to weston you have to be ready to skate the park not a sweet ledge just down the road.

  8. i like milo

    i love that park but the bikers r gay one day we were skateing and they lit a fire at the park behind the park fuck wits

  9. Jessy13

    mad park to bad i cant skate (plz i need help)

  10. emericaskate.com

    too bowlish and surfy, not enuff street, I DIDNT BRING MY SURFBOARD!

  11. ozsk8r

    hay this is gr8 looking but the best parks are in adelaide!

  12. Diluted_Acid

    Great park, nice locals. Love the street course!

  13. weston haz

    get fucked emericaskate.com

  14. qbn beaver

    i havent sk8ed this park but soon i am i hope S.T.B

  15. weston haz

    just to let u know the weston shiftys has shut down so we alll gotta haul our asses over to civic

  16. fkd

    the mini ramp looks awesome!!!!!!!

  17. rhys baker

    the lights here are awesome

  18. Reaper

    Smooth, Fast, I like. But it's called a skate park!!! Not a fucking BMX park!!!!!!!! Go back to the dirt you coping bashing FAG'S!!!!!!!!!

  19. skateordie

    this park is fucking awesome i go ther evry day

  20. stannerz

    I love this park i live there it would be better if there was no bmx

  21. judgy

    im not bitchin but it looks a little cramped

  22. stannerz

    a bunchof gay bladder came and wax the fuck out of the park so be carefull

  23. weston haz

    na hes from stromlo high

  24. Shogun

    yeah i know josh, back at stromlo he didnt skate, then out of nowhere he did and ripped it up.

  25. Jeffro J

    he brags a bit too much and tells everyone everything that he's done he brags to much to cheeny aswell

  26. MrMad123

    Thats a sick park you can get some sick tricks out there

  27. NTB

    Very nice bowls indeed. My BMX son likes them too :)

  28. ulvy_kurt

    looks wicked

  29. NTB

    "Belco boy : ARE U TIMMYS DAD" Nobody else mentioned parenthood, so I figure you are talking to me BB? Who is this "Timmy"?

  30. BMX4LYF

    fuck you reaper at least we land our tricks and not bail them every time cunt

  31. BmxWayOfLyf

    i agree wit u bmx4lyf

  32. Bob Burnquist

    This park is awesome. Love the bowls, love the mini and love the street course. You can get huge air on the launch ramp, The bowls are fun to carve and the mini is just fun for mucking around.

  33. Liam.adelaide

    this looks sick i didnt even know canberra had decent skateparks!

  34. albert durbano

    looks dam good probly should head up for a trip onday soon

  35. bmxer23

    another mad park i ride there a bit check out my youtube account tomie01

  36. DUR-HAM

    this skatepark is crazy it so easy to bri there THE BEST IN CANBERRA BY FAR

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