West Heidelberg Skatepark

Cnr Southern Road and Oriel Rd, West Heidelberg (in Malahang Parade Reserve)

Ok I love Fitzroy the bowl is super fun the people are great but can we please stop attempting to replicate it. I think I have skated at least 6 "Fitzroy" style bowls around Melbourne. There are many other bowls designs that work. If you want to skate a Fitzroy style bowl go to Fitzroy. Anyway this place has an open square 3 foot bowl at one end quarter and flat banks at the other and a fun waved ledge in the middle. There is also a little kids area just for good measure.

Builder - Independent Concrete Constructions www.independentcc.com.au [+]

West Heidelberg Skatepark

West Heidelberg Skatepark

West Heidelberg Skatepark

West Heidelberg Skatepark

West Heidelberg Skatepark

Nick Corbett at Heide west

Nick Corbett at Heide west


  1. barbaricous

    pretty bad drainage issues, the area from the bottom of the flat bar to the edge of the park (wave thing side), usually gets and stays flooded after it rains.

  2. jjjamesss

    Skated it earlier. I thought it was really fun. The metal edged ledges don't slide/grind at all really with out wax so that is a must, but that's pretty much a given. Also, since it is next to a playground though you get a lot of little kids on scooters riding all over the place.

  3. desirebmx

    the skate park is okay but it has a pretty good bowl but besides that it isn't that great of a skate park

  4. Will_skaterboy99

    Who gives a crap about the drainage issues ur there to skate so just skate it's a fantastic park for the bowl lovers

  5. Nathann-

    pretty sick park but gets pretty crowded with scooter fags around lunchtime. olympic village right around the corner for a good eat. BEST FISH AND CHIPS AT OLYMPIC VILLAGE!

  6. Nathann-

    open bowl is really steep and wierd for 3 foot

  7. bikkyeater

    good park its shardy as fuck cops everywhere at houses and shit

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