Perth Skate Park

Fairctlough St, Perth Tas 7300 (The park is at the footy ground, next door to the community centre and primary school which are all signposted off the main road (Midland Highway. Peth is 19 km south of Launceston).

Small concrete park with banks, quarters and hips. Thanks Rob for the pics.



Perth Skate Park

Perth Skate Park

Perth Skate Park

Perth Skate Park


  1. Chris Cole is my leader

    looks pretty good, i went through perth once...

  2. martin_is

    its a nice little park but lookout for the dodgey banks on either side of the mini ramp,

  3. DOWEN

    its really good but its a tiny bit small

  4. sminglers

    its fun


    noone goes there anymore


    awsum 8 seat i think i did it once cuz its steep

  7. Rustychicken

    that box looks so fucked up

  8. adam thomas

    i can backside flip the 7 first shot everytime i got there

  9. suvlaki peper & sauce

    Iv'e been through perth tones of times..... Can't believe i haven't seen it

  10. mlv-sk8-crew-rule

    looks pretty nicE.

  11. Brickster1

    hahaha i come from perth wa and i drove thru this town, but i think perth wa is better skating than this perth!

  12. samy the fish

    its alrite and theres plenty of stuff u can do there. i did the stairs

  13. Jono G

    going soon

  14. Jono G

    is it close to devin hills

  15. Jono G

    got there today pretty fun little park some of the q pipes bit dodgey

  16. nowison

    Don't bother, shits fucked

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