Paddington Skate Park

Neal MacRossan Park, Caroline Street, Paddington QLD 4064 (via Chrystal Street, 2 km west of Brisbane City Centre)

the Paddington skate park has been the premier inner city skate park for almost a decade, being one of the first street style parks built.
Over the years, it has had many additional extras added and been altered by those who skate it, as well as major changes, including the removal of the metal mini ramp and small metal spine that were key features of the park.
In the current state, with the new obstacles, it includes a lumpy 6ft concrete half pipe, a fairly smooth 4ft bowl, various original quarters, banks, hips, ledges and the new block / rail combo.

There are toilets, taps, shops, transport and everything else close by. You can drive in and park freely in the back streets beside the park or catch a bus to the city or directly there depending on your options.

Builder - Concrete Skateparks [+]
Designer - Concrete Skateparks [+]



Paddington Skate Park

Paddington Skate Park

Paddington Skate Park

Paddington Skate Park

Paddington Skate Park

Paddington Skate Park

Paddington Skate Park

Paddington Skate Park

Paddington Skate Park

Paddington Skate Park

Paddo II

Paddo II

Parliament Paddy BBQ

Parliament Paddy BBQ

Mobbn Doorways

Mobbn Doorways

RE: Paddo Stage 1

Paddo Stage 1

Paddo Stage 1

Paddo Stage 1

BNE GSD 2015

BNE GSD 2015

Brisbane GSD

Brisbane GSD

Paddo Upgrade Survey

Paddo Upgrade Survey

Paddo Easter Comp

Paddo Easter Comp


  1. Purcell

    best park ever i love you paddington.

  2. benus

    i love that manny pad

  3. rufftastic

    pado is rado (well its ok) i shoudl go there more often instead of going to j-land

  4. BNE

    Ahhh.. Paddo. Lots of good memroies. She's seen some amazing skating over the years and although it's getting a bit old and rough, will always be fun for an arvo sesh.

  5. lowey

    paddo is sick, best park in brissy

  6. Harrry

    paddo is awesome keep clean for the paddo bum

  7. Lukes

    paddo is the best park great place with lots of shade - no biker fags

  8. mattisknol

    can sum 1 plz give me the proper address to the fukin place shit ive hunted for wif mi mate for like 290000 hours ( hours may be less)

  9. lowey

    dude its just opposite the suncorp stadium across the road, not that hard to find

  10. nick james

    beautiful rail...

  11. mattisknol

    matt is knol dam dam dam matt is knol dam

  12. dubs

    I love you paddo,best skate memories for years on end. Bottleshop up the road. Allthough the coping and some platforms have sunk , it was buy far the funnest park in brisbane for it's time.Living just up the hill was an added bonus. each time I go to brisbane i still find time to pay my respects to her and take in all those fun times.

  13. wayneb

    all i have to say is wikd park all round

  14. micky bmxonline

    Really good park this one so much fun.... alot of the stuff is to small and mellow but lets u be creative. also i think if the mini ramp was resurfaced this park would become a very ferquently visited park by bike riders because that mini is in the best spot [the desck is in the shade which is the best].... also i belive this park can be shared between bike riders and skates because it is a very spacey park.

  15. ben`

    too bad old paddo is packed with emo's now...tis a shame

  16. christian de oleveira

    harry sucks and so does lowey

  17. Harrry

    who are u christian,,,how do u even no who i am

  18. alex_

    did u hear about the girl that got raped there

  19. alex_

    did u hear about the girl that got raped there

  20. alex_

    did u hear about the girl that got raped there

  21. alex_

    fucking computer!!

  22. confucius_says

    alex has a case of repeating himself

  23. confucius_says

    repeating himself

  24. confucius_says

    repeating himself

  25. snowmanrhys

    paddo is now a hole, i can understand any feelings some older boys may have for the sentimental side of this park, but its honestly gone to shit, i skated it about a month ago and i never plan to return.. partly because im small framed so i might get raped, hahaha... this park sucks

  26. big ryan

    EMO CENTRAL but well kick em out great park paddingto is sick

  27. confucius_says

    it's paddo, not paddingto you fat sack of crap. get it right

  28. ben`

    went there a couple of weeks ago...all these ghetto dudes around, funny enough i found ghetto pete there aswell...heaps of shit has fallen down from the tree's onto the concrete, half pipes lumpy, sketchy area and all inclosed and like alex said some big black dude raped some chick down there and there is always emos there

  29. confucius_says

    your the one who's starting fights with every one, with your "24 gauge" super soaker. besides my mistake if big ryan is who i think he is.(ryan welsh from the coast)

  30. RayDel Skatboards

    we need a new park

  31. confucius_says

    im a sk8er unlike you, you little fuckin poser. get the fuck off this site. its for sk8ers to give insight on the parkes they have visited. not for little fagots like you. say is there ever a night were your not bending over for your dad???

  32. 4064


  33. hugo

    i love paddo my fav park in brisbane and its not packed by fuckin bikeys like j-land paddo = best park

  34. hugo

    SOME 1 PUT A SICK GRINDING BAR THERE 2DAY on a ladge thing it was mad but it was packed as


    lol i hate rails since i snaped a big w bored on 1 but thats wat u get aye

  36. Mauer

    the fun box is good to hip transfer

  37. 'Almost' a Skater

    bikers will get bashed so dont go there you little drop nuts, ive already seen 2 bikers get bashed there who have been road hogs to us skaters but if your a skater go dont worry little kids you wont get bashed if your not on 2 wheels

  38. Josh Ramone

    never been never going...anyone whos thinking about going just pop around the corner to milton ghetto ... tis top shit

  39. Josh Ramone

    major deroville

  40. Josh Ramone

    major major deroville

  41. 'Almost' a Skater

    ye milton ghetto is good ive been there a few times but somone has like reked it up or some shit so its not as good as it used to be. but still go there its awsome ghetto skating

  42. Sprawner

    Bike riders should get r.e.s.p.e.c.t cause they do made shit to. i skate who cares as long as everyone gets to skate or ride where they want to. Peace

  43. Lukus-Pukus

    Osama binb larden is back from the dead

  44. Lukus-Pukus

    bin larden*.............. he lives with tony hawk... only on tuesdays, every otha day he is with mat mumford

  45. Lukus-Pukus


  46. Hippy Skater

    Get a life piss lips

  47. Lil Frost

    lukus-pukus you dont even live in brisbane!@!@! YOUR A LOCAL FROM TOOWOOMBA!!! u sk8with me like evry weekend

  48. zgatc

    "Sprawner : Bike riders should get r.e.s.p.e.c.t cause they do made shit to. i skate who cares as long as everyone gets to skate or ride where they want to. Peace" listen to the man

  49. KillerTomato

    is a SKATE PARK not a bike park

  50. Josh0000


  51. hugo

    arghhh best times of my life spent there :) paddo for life ! ( haha i bikey broke his ankle there today )

  52. ToMbE

    add me to the forum please---

  53. Ching-Batt

    what a shit hole

  54. George666

    hmm ive never been there.....cuz im new to brizzy


    hey peepz add me to msn

  56. SK8forlifejack

    some good sk8ers like the dc crew should sk8 their and put a vid on the web site and i love the pipe

  57. spenny

    this park is the best place in brisbane for a skate, the coping is a bit weird but i like it, 8/10 skatepark! p.s im the kid with the shiny helmet trying to do kickflip indys! lol so if you see me say hi!

  58. SG

    this park gets boring after a couple of hours --then u go and skate at suncorp

  59. Nick Maguire

    Paddo is the best....but not as great as the new morayfeild park! Morayfeild is heaps sweet...should check out the new street park and extention there!

  60. Nick Maguire

    Paddo is the best....but not as great as the new morayfeild park! Morayfeild is heaps sweet...should check out the new street park and extention there!

  61. little jonny

    sikest rail

  62. BigPete

    fukken worst park i eva sk8ted its so scetchy fukken waste of time

  63. Mad_dude

    only thing everworth considerin is the rail i cant do it but yeh everythin is gay a big pete asshole!

  64. Mad_dude

    only thing everworth considerin is the rail i cant do it but yeh everythin is gay a big pete asshole!

  65. Calsweet

    Purcell, harry and lowejob all know where the pado love is at... in the pants ofcourse

  66. T_FrEsH

    An old favorite but i think time has come for refurbishment. Should start on the halfpipe, apparently ages ago Kareem Campbell was doing a demo on it & he even said it was crap. Well thats what I heard anyway n general pants in the city doesn't do sk8 anymore! So either skatebiz or city beeyatch!

  67. burton

    best arvo sesh in the land, cant beat it

  68. aladdin sane

    i gotta go there

  69. bluntie

    PADDO RESPECT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  70. mitchy c

    gotta get better then this place will go of

  71. Wrong Cider Town

    All hail Paddo in each and every one of her former forms. Cheese grater mini!

  72. Lukus-Pukus

    lol shuttup frosty dudee.... hahah

  73. micky bmxonline

    Everyone should get somthing going to get a new park put in here or at least and extenstion it is a awsome park in a sweet as postion in brissy someone get some to extend it!!!

  74. Keegan Gray

    paddo is sweet; leave the "emo's" alone you fucking tools. seriously someone who wears a band tshirt and skinnies isn't an "emo"; can anyone who posted anything about an emo even define what the word emo means? no? sweet.

  75. juan

    i thought it was called milton skatepark? sik to skate though love the 2 foot minis

  76. jake sfl

    love this park

  77. Ryan.Skates93

    Bowl looks fun...

  78. brizzy local

    <3 for paddo best chill rail in brisbane

  79. Jas0nWP

    went there today for the first time. its a shit hole. the ground is like skating on the road (SHIT) lots of scooters, the bowl is like messed up, the rail is shit to get to cause ground is fucked. the hip is like the only good thing and its shit cause the speed is fucked.

  80. RCC

    you sound like a pussy Jas0n

  81. wason

    great park

  82. PaperBagMan555

    Looks Aweeesome!

  83. simes

    fuck General Pants - they're not the local skateshop, just a bunch of money hungry cunts. Skatebiz, Resistance, Goodtime, Extremeskates - these are your local skateshops - support them !

  84. PaperBagMan555

    Calm Ya Farm rider69

  85. yarnibmx

    fucking hell (almost a skater) its a fucking place for bmx, skate not scooters anyway just ride or skate without being a dick to each other

  86. englishkid

    yer pretty good. so much bikers and scooterers though. but the qp's are fuckin smooth which is good plus everyone is pretty friendly. only problem is the gravel which is very rocky. still, good park.

  87. woody-b

    your an emo but big ryan??

  88. Tom/Habib

    Paddo is the best lets go get a goon sack and hit it

  89. lllliiiiiaaaaaaaam

    cool park

  90. Josh Ginn

    PADDO LOVE!! Live for it! What?!

  91. Thor T

    this park is the best it has every thing but not much street manly vert but the bowl is bad when you hit the bottom its like quick sand

  92. watthew

    park needs a flat bar put in somewhere around the big ledge. some great graffiti also

  93. ridescooters

    i agree whith watthew fuckin grate graff

  94. watthew

    looks like this comp on fri fri is going to be rained out :S:S

  95. Harro285

    great park, people should stop going there though because there is no room to skate. I love paddo, its a great park. It could do with a bit of a refurb though.

  96. Arthur Meredith

    paddo would be so good if they re cemented it and took away all the graffiti

  97. jake sfl

    paddo is located in a good spot (even tho some fags think not) its covered in shade but alot of the time shit falls off the trees and rain takes a while to clear up. Maccas is bout a 5 minute skate away so is the "Milton Ghetto" and a train station which makes it easy to get to. Right next to suncorp stdium and there is alot of shit to skate there like R.I.P Bench and other stuff. best park that is close to where i'm at.

  98. JesseStewart

    love this park but the bowl sucks

  99. luffy

    I want to play skateboard but I don't have experience and skateboard. Can you teach me?

  100. Dick67

    WARNING: some dickhead waxed the centre 1/4 pipe face of the pyramid, had one casualty with one of the locals needing 6 stitches in his head. Council were on the scene yesterday morn (29 Dec), seem to have it cleaned up, just be careful... a lot of cool locals skate this park, but its a busy area & a lot of non-skating dickheads pass thru

  101. nah gammin

    4 out of 5? are you kidding me? this thing is at least a 9.5, drew please fix this something seems to be wrong with your database

  102. Stuart Bouyer1

    again heap of slippery no line junk!

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