Orange Skate Park

Cnr Anson St and Warrendine St, Orange NSW 2800 (Orange is 276 km west of Sydney with a population of approx 30,750)

Nice new concrete park, heaps of trannies

Builder - Oasis Skateparks [+]
Designer - Oasis Skateparks [+]

Orange Skate Park

Orange Skate Park

Orange Skate Park

Orange Skate Park

Orange Skate Park


  1. TE

    oh my god,wanna go but have not experienced it first hand yet

  2. chop suey

    this park looks so sweet. just look at all the possible lines. i am so there.

  3. dubs

    the manual lines are so sick,everything links up from the concrete half pipe,this is probably my most favorite park on my country road trips.

  4. I Am Not Tom

    awsome park... fucking cold in orange tho... true dubs.... true true...

  5. tinbum

    orange is my hometown! but not anymore :( best park in aust as well as sheparton! go there~

  6. johnny22

    Orange sk8 park is pretty good. cum down and sk8 it!!!!!!!!

  7. rollon

    last time i went here i dident have my board but im goin this year so im taking my board

  8. -tim-

    it looks soo good but when i was there it was piled with bmx's could bearly even skate but maybe i just got it on a bad day, oh and bring ur own wax cause all coping had gone rusted


    im a local but i dont sk8 it if you like tranny then ur gay but youll like this park

  10. TnT skateboards

    this park is good. so good for lines but be careful of the mongos that live there

  11. shit skater

    owwww i thought i was gunna get a meal at this park! FUK!!!

  12. :jase

    awsome park 6 stair rail ripps bmx's r always wich fuckin sux

  13. :jase

    awsome park 6 stair rail ripps bmx's r always there wich fuckin sux

  14. thorp suks dik hahahahaha.

    hey peepz add me to msn

  15. Emenikmatis

    it's a good park but everytime i go theres hardly any skaters. there's no run up for the 6 either. nice park though.

  16. J_O_R_D_A_N

    not bad

  17. suvlaki pepper & sauce

    That's gnarly!

  18. tinbum

    the BMXers are always there. but they are a funny bunch of guys if you get to know em... actually... try to make friends with em otherwise you might end up with your head on a stick. everyone is pretty tight at this park anyway. so be nice. but yeah. this park definately has my vote for best park in australia. so much flow. so much creativity lurking in its endless lines. have fun :-)

  19. tinbum

    oh yeah. there are next to no skaters at all in orange. but if your lucky you may meet goon man. and he can take you to his not so secret mini ramp

  20. pritch_bitch

    this park is so nice 2 skate the locals are even nice its rad

  21. **matty maher**

    goin there this mondy if ne locals are keen for a roll

  22. speedskate

    sick park the rail on box is sweet.........the local bikers here are fucking guys

  23. John J

    it looks fun to skate but i've never been so i wouldn't know

  24. winning

    this park is fuckin awsome cant wait to go there again

  25. adaus_sk8er

    yea im a local outa da game now but lookin to get back in. fuckin awsome park great piramid for awsome air great for old school sk8ers. p.s. i was the first local to do da hand rail. peace out

  26. GOON MAN

    siro (adus_skater) u r shit u were always shit an if u call that a handrail then u should get ur eyes check go do some pre grabs u push mongo. mongo for fucks sake. yeh come down for a sk8 street aint good but fun there will always be bikers there but there friendly enough

  27. Dumby

    i love this park i travvellfrom bathurst during skool to go there and sk8 it 5/5 one prob lines over run other lines and collisions are occuring..anyways

  28. sk8rnoob

    nice park fuckin helicopter foto how the hell did they get up there

  29. SkimTheFat

    great park, cool locals, love skating here. only complaint is the hubba is fucked (doesn't end and goes straight into the ground)


    looks sik

  31. Mr.Ripstik

    looks Fucking Awsome Luvv Roll ins =D

  32. hosken

    gaaaaay cuntttt

  33. fhchnvhns

    I went here on the way back from dubbo but it was wet. I still skated it and it is one of the best parks ive ever been to

  34. dylanhbmx

    looks fukin sweet i wonna go

  35. tom.faithfull

    crap! the rail is like my head height!!! like seriously im a little short kid though

  36. skate skate skate

    im going up to bathurst for 2 days so im gonna visit

  37. Jim.Jam.

    yeah its heaps fun im a local but watch out for some aboriginal kids , me and my mates got chased by them

  38. joe _doesn't_skate

    i ride bikes but this is the best park i've ever ridden just the aboriginal kids are REALLY bad but go there anywho it's good and smooth

  39. Jim.Jam.

    i live in orange and this park shreds, there has been and extension to it with a wicked bowl and a mad funbox with ledges on either side theres also a kids bit which is mad so all the little shits piss off , BEST PARK IN OZ!!!!!!

  40. blacky_chan

    if you come down you could meet namnoog but i doubt it.... dudes like big foot A MYTH he doesnt exist.....

  41. Almost_SK8ER

    looks sweet but havnt got thee balls to skate there with the chance of get stabbed or hit by some gay bmxer

  42. Almost_SK8ER

    it is an unreal park. it is soo good you never get bored. one problem. fucking gay local gay scooter riders and bmxs. you snobs. skateparks r 4 sk8ers. show some respect.

  43. isegal76

    Going to Orange next week. This park looks great!

  44. isegal76

    this park is EPIC!!!!! so many lines and a smooth half.

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