Northcote Skatepark

All Nations Park – Skate Facility, Dennis Street, Northcote VIC 3070 (Shopping Centre end, Melways Ref: 30 G7)

Bowl just completed. looks sick. havnt ridden it yet so will try and get a decent run-down off someone. I guess you could call this a 2002 concrete standard. Small concrete park, simple design, well built. Banks/quarters down both ends, boxes in the middle. Park built by CONVIC , Thanks John n Wayne for the pics.



Northcote Skatepark

Northcote Skatepark

Northcote Skatepark

Northcote Skatepark

Northcote Skatepark

Northcote Skatepark

Northcote Skatepark

Northcote Skatepark

RE: Northcote Extension

Northcote Extension

RE: Creepin' n Hoonin'

Creepin' n Hoonin'

Northcote Park Extension

Northcote Park Extension

Creepers Northcote Jam

Creepers Northcote Jam

Grim Creepers Northcote

Grim Creepers Northcote


  1. yellow ledbetter

    as many have said in the past, the street course could have done with a big redesign to improve the flow but its decent for beginners. Bowl is in Vicco top three, I've seen BMXers doing backflips and one skater trying a mctwist! Not having a roll-in, it caters more from intermed to advanced.

  2. antsk8er

    mad ass park it gets sooooooooo packed

  3. Frank.C

    This park is really fun when it comes to people that want to skate street and a bowl. The street section is small and is good for practicing new tricks down the mini hubbas and rail. It's a really fun park if you just wann chill out with mates and have a bit of a roll in the bowl and/or play S-K-A-T-E on the street section. The bowl is perfect to carve around in and it has an 8ft end and a 6ft end. It's seperated from the street section so you won't get board ruining your perfect run. The coping is (as always by convic) perfectly layed and hasn't copped such a beating from BMXers like Fitzroy. You can have a good day out by catching the Epping line from the city and go for a skate both Fiztroy and Northcote since they are on the same line. To get to Fitzroy you get off at Rushall station and then it is about a 5 min skate down Falconer st. To get to northcote you get off at Northcote station and it about a 5 min skate up Seperation rd, it is behind Northcote plaza. The park is 50m away from Northcote plaza and there are plenty of food stores and a supermarket inside for all your drinks and food needs. There are also toilets at the plaza. One thing to beware when heading to this park is that because it's in a valley and is out in the open it gets very windy.

  4. PaT !

    fuken shit

  5. bongo monkey


  6. o SkateR o

    okay i got one question, does it get as packed as in the pictures?? cos thats FUCKING packed, i wanna go there but if there is a crowd im not going - well, i will still go though cos i heart skating lol. but i wont njoy it as much

  7. Scott Adams

    if you go in the morning it's not as packed

  8. christian de oleveira

    this park is awsome it now has an under cover bit which has some steel benches i went on xmas day and 0 people were there my little cousin got stuck in the bowl

  9. christian de oleveira

    this park is awsome it now has an under cover bit which has some steel benches i went on xmas day and 0 people were there my little cousin got stuck in the bowl

  10. ---*CORY*---

    fukin best park eva the down rail makes it LUV FROM ME xoxoxoxo

  11. butcher

    Best bowl ever. Doesent get that packed. bikers rule northcote :)

  12. enan

    silky smooth bowl is very yummy plus some street on the side for the kids

  13. melbourne skater

    this park is sik and even the little kids there shred i didnt like it the first few time i went there but after a while i found out y people liked it so much the only problem is when its wet its wet and the smell of bin juice wofts in with the wind......cya

  14. Nieve

    greatest park ever.

  15. Nieve

    id like to take this oppurtunity to say once more that this is the best park ever built

  16. portland_local

    ^ Agree'd. My favourite park ive ever ridden, and ive ridden a fair bit. The bowl is just........perfect. And the street course is just........perfect. Id say everyone should take osme time to ride this god-like park.

  17. cam says bikers fuck each other up the ass

    PaT ! is a biker fag who fucks other bikers up the ass

  18. cam says bikers fuck each other up the ass

    comp here 1st of oct ps: bikers r gay

  19. cam says bikers fuck each other up the ass

    the park is pretty rad kinda sketchy and fucking packed but its fun and the bowl is mad as!!

  20. Nieve

    I dont find it sketchy, but i havent skated anything else for a few months so maybe im just used to it.

  21. I ride 18mm wheels

    I love this park. No two ways about it, it's simply the best. I've been going there since i started skating, and I still find it to have endless possibilitys. I love it more than my mum.



  23. dylan johns

    gay park

  24. Ready,Steady,Cook! plz activate me lolz

  25. ThePuppetRiot

    Shut the fuck up FUCK SK8ERS. if your saying fuck skaters why the fuck are you on a skate website you fucking fag. I agree with I RIDE 18mm WHEELS. apart from the mum part. bikers are fags

  26. ThePuppetRiot

    in stayed there for 6 hours once. Perfect park. Down rail, mini kicker, the halfpipes, the boxes and the banks. i would sleep there if i could. The bowl is legendary, perfect coping, perfect corners and overall shapes. Easily the funnest park ive ever skated deserves 6 stars

  27. Take that bullet

    Looks pretty fun and popular

  28. Nieve

    6 hours is nothing, i do 10-11 hours here most saturdays

  29. Skater r me

    Bikers are all faggots

  30. Skater r me

    this parks my local. i woodnt recomend skating there at night cos of all the parties...iv been rolled here and jumped...on the bright side iv hooked up with a few chics here and got fuckin smashed off my face and had some good times here. All in all its a okay park worth a look but i wouldnt travel long distance just for this.

  31. ryder23

    Gets pretty busy there. It really blows if there r a heap of bloody bikers there

  32. skater, snowboarder, surfer

    this is my 2bd closest I grew up skating here a good park lots of food REALLY close. all ramps, can get full every now and then, veries, dries up quick Matt Jones.

  33. RAKOE101~

    this is my local park and it used to be infested with bikers talkin shit about where they stole their bike from and riding like they own the joint but now theres anout 2 local bikers who actually like skaters and theres an awesome quater pipe with a massive run up to catch huge air and a perfect flat bar and ledge to learn shit on.

  34. PaperBagMan555

    Looks Awesome

  35. jelly

    my local. FUCK YEAH some seedy kids though ><

  36. Piky White

    went last night, pretty awesome....the bowl is freaking sick as. I did get a little wierded out by some dude in the shopping center car park trying to do some "so you think you can dance" moves with a portable cd player.......gangsta

  37. element_dude

    this is my local sk8park this is the best park eva some nice lines

  38. Max Cooper.

    on weekdays i have the liberty of skating at this park after a long day at tafe and its probably one of the most looked after well used parks that ive skated at.

  39. Mega Melbourne Skater

    NOOOOOOOORTHCOTE FUCK YEAH! love this skatepark learnt how to skate there wicked for chillin but scooter kids are shit

  40. SnakeChamber

    i need to go

  41. noobskater

    would be good if the scum didn't take over, kids with rats tails, pink died hair and piercings with their scooters as well as their teen mums ;(

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