Noble Park Skatepark

Memorial Drive, Noble Park 3174 (next to swimming pool - 30 km southeast of Melbourne city)

6' concrete mini ramp, 4' concrete mini ramp, large steel half pipe under repair (steel decking being replaced)


Noble Park Skatepark

Noble Park Skatepark

Noble Park Skatepark


  1. _austin

    Looks pretty crap.

  2. hingee

    no joke

  3. EDWAJ007

    when is the halfpipe finished?

  4. scoot4life7

    the verts there but the spine, halfy and quarter have got bigger cracks then homer simpson and peter griffin put together its sooo shit. 2 stops donw the rail dandy heappps betta

  5. mack 1

    noble park vert ramp, the best vert in oz..? why aint this place packed every weekend..? i fly down there to skate it as often as possible.

  6. alex henderson

    looks shit as

  7. scgarfield

    9/11/13 Parks gone. Went to ride today. Aparantly been gone since 2010.

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