Morayfield Sk8 Park

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Rating: ****

Streetscape, fun boxes, grind poles, large steel half pipe, shelter with seating


Just south of Caboolture along the main road, you will easily see it - also on the corner of Station Street, Morayfield QLD 4506 (43 km north of Brisbane)


Concrete Skateparks [+]


Concrete Skateparks [+]



worst ever .. only ridable vert ramp in the area though ... right? i have no idea really

Scene Creamers.

its my local,its pretty shit,but soon there putting in a new street course,should make it alot more interesting

Scene Creamers.

its been resurfaced,its soo much more faster ,new street course soon..


pretty good park, for a hole like caboolture/morayfeild


wikd wikd park every1 shud go n have a skate of it good to get lots off speed n air wikd for flips n it is always wikd to go 4a street alround it is a good area


looks alright, i wish i had it in my crib


my local park.. 8/10 probably


awesome skate park, got heaps of different stuff for all people from beginers to experts and its got an undercover seating area and a locl park and shopping centre really close. Definatley top 10 in australia

Ben Mumford

im one of the locals and its not a bad skatepark it has been resurfaced new street course put in oh and if you really want to destroy yourself try riding the 10 foot


Sick as skate park, One of the best i'd say judging by the other ones pictures, the pictures in this are old it is way better now resurfaced and new street course and wave connected to DC with tear drop. Also Ben mumford Jamiedaking and josh892 suck my balls cunt sniffers


the new part is all right is got a nice rail. to many fucking bikers


bikers should be band from all sk8 parks they suck

big ryan

awesome park and great people good place to have a party lots of history and is close to skatebase deffinetly australias no.4


mongols ride camels for billys love




its good better than those pics street area rail is good bikers suck that cant ride for there mums nuts

Josh Ramone

big pot of dero


it has vert i love it

Puke Dark

curvy ledge is fun sometimes

Puke Dark

H4 is better


OOHH GHETTO PARK! fuck that off i went to hungry jacks once like 100 skaters out the front starrin at me, fuck the skaters from that park off. but that vert ooh my god! its like 2 times size of sunshine vert! i wana air that one!


Sickest park out, i went there when i stayed at my mates place, and i just skated the street course there, its got a hubba, a high rail, and a mad as curvy ledge, and man, that vert ramp is sick as to skate!! + + + the locals are awesome to skate with


dont listen to jamiedaking..


big ryan shut the fuck up you toxic waste of life.


kyle-de-man. Wake up to yourself mate, the parks there to share. Treat others the way you want to be treated, and we can all get along fine. B'sides there's plenty of stuff to skate anywhere you look But not so for bmx. Sk8 boards started out as St surfers anyway. Remember the roots of your sport? I do, cos i did it for 15 yrs of my life.When i should of been on a BMX. RESPECT TO ALL WHO BOARD BLADE or BMX.


Maby attitudes like that helped get the lights turned off. So now No ONE can use it at night.


Sickkk park now that the extension is on for an hr or so.. BEWARE: of the derro's and druggo's that hang round there..iv had 3 boards stolen from MY HANDS

dylan ernst

its was a gr8 park then but its better now with the extensions the street section and better ramps i love it there now and if u do go there i would advise checking out the skate base up the road because its gr8


this park is sooooooo good the mini not that shitty 2 the 4 and the street rocks i love busting out bs k-grinds, bs 50, bs50 50 and flip 50 50 down it best ledge around


i think i will be making a trip there very soon


looks like a good park how are the locals towards new guys that are only just starting


This park is now worth 5stars. It has now got a street section and a few extensions. The ten ft in it is heaps mad i have learnt how to sk8 it, its a shit load of fun. If ur in the area deffinately a park to go to.


please please do not go to this park if u dont live there or ur a shit skater or a beginner cuz u will get stabbed and or raped


i was just reminissing and i have the strangest feeling the guy standing at the top of the half pipe is me getting ready for a plummet and my ex's brother tearing across the flat, the day we went there he was nailing varial kickflip bs 50-50's on that thing and he was only young at the time, also looks like graham cutting across the concrete half there too

mad dawg

its a sick park now they got a sick lil street section they added a spine n made the ground concrete


this is my local an has been 4 agesssssssss! extensions got a spine 6 ft extension, 5ft extension, 2 steeper hips, a mellow box bout a meter an a half long with hips on the side..rail in the middle an hubba down it an ledge on top. sup box, curve ledges an a manny pad with drops bout a meter high. fun park. Ive done lots of lines that im real proud off. saw the 'real team' sk8 their. done a couple of base demo's. but theirs been heaps of well known sk8ers that have been known 2 like it. 'andrew reynolds' an 'galee momollu' got some good tricks their along time agoo on 'tic tac 2 heelflip' bonus canvas.


andrew reynolds does the best kicky melon over the box on tic tac 2 heelflip

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