Leumeah Skatepark

Cnr Campbelltown Road & Plough Inn Rd, Leumeah NSW 2560 (about 45 km south west of Sydney City Centre - across from Maccas)

Big concrete park. Check out the photos. Opened 26/08/00.

Builder - Zalem Pty Ltd [+]



Leumeah Skatepark

Leumeah Skatepark

Leumeah Skatepark

Leumeah Skatepark

Leumeah Skatepark

Campbelltown Session

Campbelltown Session


  1. TE

    Incredible,such a good park that has lights as well,but be warned of after dark wankers

  2. sylva skater

    one of the best parks crouded but one of the best

  3. TE

    This park rules,there is a good review from a seasoned skateboarder.

  4. fill

    lights on til 11, watch out for bikers flying around the park, so much fun, well spaced out, my favourite is the huge hip pyramid things.

  5. Richie | B.A.F

    the best park close 2 me yey, but watch out 4 bikers, they thimk they own the place

  6. jew dawg

    yeah a rad park

  7. jew dawg

    yeah the bikers are a pain in the dick

  8. street-sk8er

    this is the madest park i grew up on it and its such a good park but after dark u get muged :(

  9. latino

    this is my local park and it absoloutly shreds but the bikers are dikheads

  10. lil_tom

    lets exterminate bikers

  11. thinkskate

    ok ill get the anti fag spray

  12. roll4eva

    im with u there homie. lets pop caps in the asses

  13. emericaskate.com

    shut up roll4evam ur stoopid

  14. Dazzle


  15. bryce321

    bmxer's rule the park lad's wat u talkin bout

  16. regsk8a

    its ok this park. very crowed on weekends n yeah their are alot of fukn bikers. needs a rail somewhere but

  17. shakey

    its a biggin

  18. Golioth

    great park, my local to avoid most the bikers do night sessions 8-11 is good. sunday arvvo the best most of the time u get the park to ur self..

  19. hilltopsk8r

    This Park Rox!!!!!!!!

  20. $K8 OR DiE MITCH

    looks rad

  21. sidewalk surfer(skater)

    sick ark nice quaters,needs a raail and a bowl

  22. beauzy

    rad park but 2 many bikers

  23. JAMES R

    fight the bikers Pussy

  24. -Eat-My-Fuck-

    good park......scetchy peoples...

  25. suvlaki pepper & sauce


  26. ort

    the bmxers r careless and dangerous all ways stay alert but besides that its a sick park

  27. ToMbE

    can someone add me to the forum--- tombe@westnet.com.au

  28. =Almost=

    this is a pretty good park when u actually skate it but the bikers are gay assholes cos i was there a couple of days ago me friend stole a wet floor sign and we put it ontop of the roll in near the big halfpipe and we tried to ollie it for one second we turned around then we turned back we saw a biker kicck it fuckin looser

  29. =Almost=

    rob kenworthy went there today oh yeh there gonna build a beginners area with low rails for all the crap skaters who go there so they dont get smashed by the dumbasses aka bikeriders

  30. =Almost=

    also there is a rail u just cant see it in the pics

  31. jadney

    the park is alrite make sure u get there fair early coz it gets really packed in the arvo with biker cunts and scooters peace


    lemeau looks holy mad

  33. -=sk8 dont ride=-


  34. -volcom-

    ahhh leumeah the best park close to me other than camden and there is a rail there to

  35. sidewallsurfer_4lyf@hotmail.com

    when are the extensions gonna be finished

  36. catacalysmic abyss


  37. !venture!

    really good to skate on.

  38. jabzzl/mc team rider

    da Bikers seem 2 hav dis like bike vs skate feud bullshit going on dere i got in2 a fight 1st going dere dey fink dere all sick kunts dem nd da scooter rooters but wen dey leave home dere da biggest pussies eva wen dey at an other park

  39. stephen

    this park has been packed 24/7 for like the last 7 years

  40. joel binion

    its good to many gay bike riders hektik double rail

  41. Detective Scrotes.

    Just got an extension, pretty gay

  42. skakeboarding4life

    cool as man! ROCKING HARD!

  43. sterling

    it's so crap

  44. John J

    shut up

  45. !!MR X!!

    sterling should get some eyes!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  46. scooter911

    thats the best park in australia YOU SHOULD GO THERE!!!!!!!!!!

  47. scooter911

    hey shut up

  48. scooter911


  49. John J

    i went there for a comp and in my run the bikers just keeped riding i mean i got snaked in my own run plus the bikers were destroying the park with a hammer idoits . jesse shreads this park boii.

  50. SkAtEfReNzY

    this skatepark is da beast, its the best park for begginners and intermediate skaters and scooterers ever, i went there about 2 weeks ago and tonight im lookin forward to goin there with a friend tommorow. there isnt as many bikers there anymore either. it has a new half pipe extension which is about 3ft high aswell as well as an extra grinding rail. the problem, most of the locals there suck.but i cant be judgin' em coz i pretty much suck aswell.. so yeah at the moment this place is the best place 2 go in australia (apart from five dock bowls). i recommend it five stars *****

  51. JOE cooL

    this park is run by idiots. the other night people set a matress or something on fire in the middle of the park so the down ledge is out of order. i was there today and got snaked so many times by scooters. cockroaches of the skatepark was. aside from that the park is rad

  52. mouseman676

    man this sk8 park is good but it gets to fat like daniels dad at about 11.00 to many scooters but u no what they say about scooterz.......doggy dick

  53. potsmokingkoala

    i only go there for the mini and what the fuk were those deros down there thinking when they pu that rocky concrete shit around the park, its dangerous

  54. potsmokingkoala

    skaterfrenzy shut up the locals shred like leon, nathan, mars and loads more

  55. **Joe+Skate**

    skaterfrenzy- Best Park in Australia is Cairns Check it out !!

  56. aleks

    sikk park luv the lil rail but 2 many bikeyss

  57. skterkidd1243

    looks hectic.... mad street looks like it would rip

  58. PaerBagMan41

    Looks madd.... Still it's near Dodgy palces like Macarthur... N yeah i agree wiv everyone Bikers Can go Fornicate themselves with an Iron Fist! Lol, WHy can't they have sk8 parks for sk8ing and Bike parks for Biking! Peace out ;)

  59. leumeahsk8r

    Best Sk8 park ever i go there almost every weekend

  60. PaerBagMan41

    Question for the locals... Is there Lights at night??? And Would U get Rolled After dark... Or only If you Act like a Smart ass??? Is it Generally Packed on the Weekend?? (Saturday) Peace Out ;)

  61. LittleMex

    Mex sickest park just layed out the way you wanna do perfect runs

  62. wtf fool

    guess what i had the sk8park to my self last week it was empty it was like 42 degrees though but still i had it top myself

  63. .Fkn.Chriss.!

    i hate the fucking sk8ers there theyy fkn stand on the pyrimids thinking theyy one the thing soo we kick em

  64. Bernieman?

    the mutafukas dat roll ya r lads lads r fags and luemeah is an awsm sk8park

  65. maaars

    .Fkn.Chriss.! your a fucking liar. ive seen nobody get kicked. haha

  66. scoot-rory-4lyf

    i love the box there it looks soo awesome

  67. cooldude360100

    I went there and it is sick. The thing I hate about it is it's too crowded.

  68. speedmachine

    looks MAD! Should definitely go there someday

  69. scooter mate

    it looks realli awsome wen i go past but this 9 yr old kid in mi street went there wen he got his new scooter in september and he said its raddd

  70. scooter mate

    i love scooters i recon skate boards r okkk.. .. but the bikers can go get stuffed

  71. justinSK8h




  73. Louis Parker

    It's radical but the bad thing is that it's crowded! Early morning is the best time to go!

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