Leanyer Skate Park

Off Vanderlin Drive, Leanyer, Darwin NT 0812 (Part of the Leanyer Rec Centre, 13 km north east of Darwin City Centre)

I have not skated this park but it looks like a ripper. Just check out the bowl! It also has rails ledges, fun box, banks and quarters. They have installed lights so you can skate till 8pm they also have new shade areas for chillin. Thanks Dave Pang for the new pics and the update.

Leanyer Skate Park

Leanyer Skate Park

Leanyer Skate Park

Leanyer Skate Park

Leanyer Skate Park


  1. endure the elements

    this park looks like it rocks but darwins to hot to skate

  2. roll4eva

    we get a few gun shots here and there, nothing to worrie bout.

  3. shakey

    looks gamblin

  4. muff dvr

    this is my local and i recon its pretty mad

  5. fuck authrity

    this is asemo

  6. bam megera

    this park is puff and hayden sucked my balls

  7. bam megera

    there are no fucken gun shots here u fuken twit

  8. roll4eva

    hey fuck u u lil fucken cunt ur the fucken twit or ill put my gun shot thru ur butt ring.

  9. mustaffa pianta

    its prett sick considering its darwin ;)


    hey mustaffa ways been cracking you cock head i will show you up on this park like i used to

  11. FUCK YHE POSERS THATS ALL OFF YOUS Whos this huh?? im moving back to darwin soon add me bothnia21@hotmail.com

  12. aggressive sk8er 4 life

    this park rips its my local. its sick park to sk8. soft drink machine at security building plus this park closes at 9pm and not at 8

  13. Buddy Robinson

    This partk rox

  14. twitch

    damn man that butt ring comment was a bit hardcore

  15. twitch

    who's aggressive skater, leanyer my local 2

  16. Papa Dom

    This park is good, but the "new" section is too small. If they gave about 3 more feet between all of the obstacles and fixed that pissy speed trap that divides the park it would be a ripper.

  17. twitch

    nah man i disagree that speedkiller thing's pretty fun 4 doing tricks off but it is anoying

  18. twitch

    who r u anyway

  19. KFlip2Smith

    This park is the only good one i darwin.. apart from that theres palme (my local) but this is better. otherwsie you gotta go street in town or something

  20. will gnar

    im going to darwin in a month i shuld have a look hear is there any good spots round hear??

  21. PaperBagMan555

    Looks Awesome!!!! But why Is their a Spa In the Last Picture???

  22. will gnar

    haha whats with the pool

  23. clayton g turpie

    HI just to let people know there is a extension being added looks um.... pretty..um shit. it looks like a heap of nipples and humps more for the bikers

  24. .jarrod.

    LMFAO off at that little yellow bendy rail in the fourth picture

  25. Bangin! Grillz!

    it's mad-as, but its always packed with bikers

  26. kirby99

    wats so bad about bikers fag

  27. adamlowe

    these photos were only done when there was 1 of the parts done, there is more stuff there now :)

  28. Hayden Brown

    SUCH AN AWESOME SK8PARK!!! luckily theres da pool

  29. Riley Shepherd

    a pool? ddoope

  30. b-bird

    someone activate me palease

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