Koo Wee Rup Skatepark

Cochran Park, Packenham Road, Koo Wee Rup VIC 3981 (75 km south east of Melbourne city - south of shopping centre, adjacent to swimming pool)

In planning by Cardinia Council



  1. Brickster1

    yay!!!!!!!!!!! i'm the first to comment on this park, to bad it dosen't have a picture

  2. Brickster1

    do a picture dam it!!!!!!!!

  3. SKATER_!@#

    fucken hell do a picture

  4. an old man

    nooooo ppppppppiiiiiiiccccccctttttuuuuurrrreeeee

  5. (((Corry)))

    I've been here twice. there is a 2 level quater at one end, a fun box, a quarter between 2 rollin's, some random stairs with a square rail and a big stupid metal box thing. The entire park has been messed up. you cant ride this on a skateboard easily because all the transitions are really sharp with no flow and the quarters are rough as. you could only really have fun here on a bmx

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