Jindabyne Mini (Closed)

Jindabyne NSW 2627 (Across the road from Jindabyne shops on the Lake shores - Jindabyne population 4,350, in Snowy Mountains 454 km south west of Sydney)

Steel mini.



Jindabyne Mini (Closed)

Jindabyne Mini (Closed)


  1. Parker

    its pritty shit, loos OK when your driving past but when you get close its rusted adn sand and gravel and shit is everywhere. AND its in the middle of no where

  2. The Truth

    ^^^ and is far to thin. Better than nothing though i guess. When's the new park gonna be finished?

  3. Beardo

    The new park is nearly done (jan27) All formed up ready to pour. SOme stuff has been poured allready. Bowl looks good. A few more weeks.

  4. Chistophski

    looks sick

  5. timbo

    This ramp is hands down the shittiest ramp in existence. It's the kind of ramp that lures you in because there's nothing else around to use - so you ask your parents to take you there to check it out. Once you get there you think "kinda narrow, but nice transition." Then you think "gee i'd better sweep all of those stones off it before i do anything else," except upon closer inspection, you realise that, nay, these are not stones, they're massive flathead bolts, that once served the purpose of holding down the now warped metal sheets, but instead they're all slightly unbolted, so that when you fall, you potentially slide over several small, sharp circular blades!!!!! This would inevitably result in you tearing the back pocket out of your favourite pants, leaving you thankful that you didn't tear something else. Oh yeah, if you fall you'd also probably get covered in rust, but because you'll have torn either your clothes or yourself open, this really won't bother you that much. Knarly? Yes!!!! Should you skate there? No, unless you take a set of allan keys and skrew they bolts down. But don't let this deter you because the new park next door looks like it will be tonnes of fun.

  6. Jimmy Pottsmoker

    jindy fucking sucks dog balls

  7. Bam Margera

    they ripped dis peice of shit down and now have built d concrete park next to it. its heaps better

  8. sidewalk surfer

    its ok

  9. ~*ChRyZtAl-Dee*~

    Hey peepz add me to msn c-azn@hotmail.com ;)

  10. PaerBagMan41

    Looks Alright./..Why did it close down?

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