Frankston Skatepark

Samuel Sherlock Reserve, Cranbourne Road, Frankston, VIC (not for from the train station)

Franga is undoubtably one of the best parks in the country. Whether you love tranny or street you will love this place. There is a large street plaza with ledges, double sets, kink rails, banks, manual pads etc etc etc. There is a mini capsule bowl with extensions with concrete coping. There is also a large kidney bowl 11 foot in the deep and 7 foot in the shallow with pool coping. If you are around Melbourne take time to get down to Franger. Franger was designed and built by

Builder - Convic Skateparks [+]
Designer - Convic Skateparks [+]



Frankston Skatepark

Frankston Skatepark

Frankston Skatepark

Frankston Skatepark

Frankston Skatepark

Frankston Skatepark

Frankston Skatepark

Frankston Skatepark

RVCA Fast Times Demos

RVCA Fast Times Demos

RE: Australian Skateboard League

Australian Skateboard League



Australian Bowl Riders Comp

Australian Bowl Riders Comp

Zoo York OZ Trip Clip

Zoo York OZ Trip Clip

FastTimes Frankston Picnic

FastTimes Frankston Picnic


  1. looks dope wohoo 1st comment on 1 of OZs best parks

  2. ToMbE

    oh yeah 2nd comment bitches, why do i care?

  3. bman

    yezzzzz 3rd i gto lst on china bitchesssssss wooooooo yeh the bowls are kool

  4. whitnell1

    i live in frankston yay :D

  5. Brickster1

    y the fuck did this show up when i tyed in poo? (4th comment)

  6. Brickster1

    u would think this would have more comments

  7. suvlaki pepper & sauce

    I have never skated such a fun park. The street course is so good and is layed out perfect so you can get some sick as lines in. This is my favourite park

  8. SKATER_!@#

    i borke my balls here

  9. SKATER_!@#

    my name is marko nelkoski

  10. unsponsered

    i'm the 11th suck that but the park looks sick as

  11. James Moore


  12. Daniels_the_name

    brawl today at the park.. it will be huge.

  13. localskater69a

    oi fuck sk8ars u suck dick go get a orgasim on ur bike seat

  14. 2nd option

    i rekon that bowl gives bondi a run for its money... if only nsw's councils showed as much respect for skaters as you guys get...

  15. bman

    to true my good man .........if only .and even better in newcasltes did

  16. willskateselement

    holy shit this park looks awsome

  17. Goofy

    skated this park it's sick!

  18. Ready,Steady,Cook!

    too wet to skate

  19. i like skateboarding!!!

    im goin there in a few weeks, i cant wait

  20. MichaelaYO;;

    fuck me dead! TOM YOUR RIGHT!!! this park is huuuuuuggee!!! It looks siick as a mother fucker YO!!! shotgun road trippin down this way YO;;

  21. max booty

    Nice!!! well done Convic, you make the world a better place for us all

  22. ThomasZero

    decent park, the bowl is brutal. a little overrated this place franga is a hole.

  23. Goofy

    cool skatepark

  24. Lachyakaoneofthebestskatersever

    Love it board ready to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. DaViD STFU

    best park eva, to many people bloody annoying

  26. cooper.

    looks good.

  27. Ang

    really good park! fair few bikers but they use to small bowl mostly. this park is good fun. :D

  28. Poiter

    this park is good for both vert and street skaters i've only been here once but it was the best skatepark i've ever been to.

  29. schismatic

    this place is so fucking packed, i got there once at 8 in the morning me and my mate had the skate park to ourselves for about an hour which was sweet because we had a chance to do some sick lines through the street park. But after that the people just started to fucking flock, the street bit at the back just gets overrun with little kiddies who can't even stand on their fucking boards, the bigger stair sets just have little teenage fuckwits trying to kickflip them but have no fucking chance and their boards go skating off into the park fucking other people up, the 11 foot bowl is only used by really fucking good guys and it was a waste of money and the other bowl is just fucking mayhem it is impossible to get a shot. Oh and at lunchtime all the tradies from the uni come out and watch you, so if your self-concious don't bother. But if you get there early enough it is a wicked park, i learnt how to do most of the tricks i know there.

  30. pokeSkater

    This park looks friggen MASSIVE!

  31. Ang

    this park it great! enough said.

  32. EAZY D

    franga franga franga oi oi oi

  33. spookar

    fuck yer dale ya sick cunt franga rocks ya socks

  34. EAZY D

    fuck yeah frangagagagagagaga gorkin it

  35. Hayden_

    frankston <3

  36. FutureIsHere

    It was a really windy when i went, but its a sick as park and really fun to skate.

  37. madcap


  38. EAZY D

    frangaaaaaaaaaaaaa yewwwwwwwwwww

  39. ..Julian..

    best skatepark ever



  41. sk8_4_a_living

    Ready, Steady Cook you are a moron its not always gunna be too wet to skate is it? noob this is the best park in the southern hemisphere enldess possibilities for even the avergae skater first went there wen i was 9 been going there ever since (wen i'm not jst street skating) and i am still not over it I FUCKING LOVE THIS PARK!

  42. convicted sk8er


  43. DUHHH

    home town

  44. Skater r me

    yeah its good but i dont like the area, has a kinda dogjy feel to it...park is nice but i hate getting snaked by fuCKIN little kids on scotters. All in All great park just alittle far away

  45. Skater r me

    yeah schismatic is right...all the tradies come down trhere and watch you

  46. DUHHH

    dogjy feel ? hahahah

  47. stewy

    this park looks awsome i went there to see the baker demo i couldnt see much cause of all the people

  48. freddy-jones2dabones

    wtf if a kid gets in ya way hit them and make it look like an accident hahahahahahaha

  49. potsmokingkoala

    i wish something that good was built in sydney

  50. supask8a

    this is the best fucking park in australia!!!! went there on holz in melbourne its fukin huge great crew there aswell. peace out

  51. jezza_ridesbikes

    farrranggaa!! lovin me local. BEST PARK OUT THERE, doesn't matter how far you have to come its worth the trip.

  52. convicted sk8er

    suk on that 54th comment

  53. EDWAJ007

    i went there today and that kidney bowl is MASSIVE! no one was even skating in it. awesome park and heaps of variety.

  54. HAY-Z

    some ice head asked me if i had five bucks for the comp entry fee when there was no comp on

  55. PaperBagMan555

    Holly Crap I think I'm In Love!!!!!!! =0


    this skate park iz pretty good me and my friend marcus were there for a comp which marcus won.

  57. PaperBagMan555

    Another great park made by Convic

  58. JOKAHA

    nice its got like a massive competition line its sweet

  59. powell skater


  60. echuca_skater

    going here in june i cant wait

  61. Bob Burnquist

    This is an amazing skatepark,the plaza is huge and has so many obstacles, the small bowl is great and loads of fun, the big bowl is amazing.This is my favourite park in melbourne.10/10

  62. RaZZa

    i went there on my bday. it was epic. thats where i jumped my first stairs but it was only 2. give me a break. im 13

  63. RaZZa

    cant wait to go skatin there again. best park yet

  64. scootingrules:)

    best sk8 park i have ever been 2

  65. jakthewak

    i get down here as much as possible to shred this amazing park

  66. JayLeslie

    to much hype for what it is but fair decent great for boards

  67. maddgear360


  68. adam23able

    year franga! the big bowl is a killer. best fun! street section is also so good!

  69. Deerp

    fdbc,euk sorry had to wipe the cum off my keyboard

  70. Waltimus Prime

    BEWARE THE BOWL. Crazy Frankston locals seem to enjoy hitting people... weird. Wicked park though

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