Frankston Skatepark

Frankston VIC 3199 (Next to Fletcher Road Bridge in the Myers car park. Frankston is 41 km southwest of Melbourne - population 44,000)

Steel street course.


Frankston Skatepark

Frankston Skatepark


  1. jack.

    This park doesn't exist anymore. Most of the parts have been taken to Seaford park.

  2. dskize

    R.I.P franga ! The location of this park was the best as you could always watch the whitetrash freakshow pass by as you skated.Not my local but i learnt a stack of tricks at this park

  3. Steele

    R.I.P. the OG Frankston park. Some of my funnest skate times ever were had here it was so good. I LOVE FRANKSTON!

  4. antisocial87

    good ol' frankston park i'l never forget this place, so much good stuff went down here... my firs handrail for example.... sadly missed... but never forgotten!


    the first park i ever skated i wanted to skate it again..........damn

  6. S3aFOrD SK8 park(Daniel Griffiths)

    i hav never sk8ed this park but i hav sk8ed it at seaford, but now seaford is f***ed up cuz the gay council took away the quarters

  7. rocket ride

    i learnt to drop and kickflip and boardslide here then we moved..did it go to seaford?

  8. jay-and

    steele!!! u dont have one of those i love frankston tshirts do u i actually hate that place

  9. because skate matters

    im gunna go feed my toilet now

  10. Umi

    Steele, you legend! Anikan here. I 2nd his comments! It was the funnest park EVER and it was where I learnt to skate and where my skating virtually ended when it left.

  11. rhys baker

    this park has gone....!!! R.I.P franga

  12. rhys baker

    daniel seaford is gay!!!!!!!!!1

  13. $K8 OR DiE MITCH

    pritty good

  14. matt dowsett

    hey when do u guys post the new park?

  15. bowl skater

    looks shit, especially if theres blade skool.

  16. supahman

    PS: this was i sweet park and i used to live down the road from it but then they torn it down and about 2 months l8a they moved it to seaford "R .I.P FRANKSTON"

  17. suvlaki peper & sauce

    You have to check out the new park. it's the bomb. has everything to do with skateboarding and has some pretty good skaters there. If you can skate well you must skate the double set. It's insane and you can get the sicest lines in. The best park Iv'e ever skated. I would choose this over a lot of other parks. and the best part about it is that it's got something for every level of skateboarding. If you come here make some time to check out the new Frankston skate park. It's worth a trip. BELIEVE ME!!

  18. suvlaki peper & sauce Add me if u want!!

  19. krooked sk8boards

    c`mon when will they update the sites pics

  20. suvlaki pepper & sauce

    I AGREE!

  21. Jac

    WTF update these pictures already that park is at seaford now and frankston is the biggest park in australia!!!!

  22. Cheesy

    Don't get murdered in Frankston

  23. **BOE**

    R.I.P franga! theres a new park!

  24. bulimic brah

    this park was insane fun my old local...

  25. shaun sanga

    this park is a shit hole

  26. Goofy

    they destroyed it even know theres a better skatepark and it is the biggest in AUS


    its gone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    me coz said theres a newy so i thought illd check it but pics arnt updated

  29. yeahh!!

    fuk up rhys baker the new one is better

  30. Danna69

    i like the new franga park way better

  31. alex henderson

    is it still there looks hella fun but the new one is one thousand times fucking better

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