Fadden Pines

Bugden Avenue, Fadden ACT 2904 (about 18 km south of Canberra City Centre)

Kinky small bowl with grinds and quarter pipe. There was once a large steel vert ramp, but it disappeared.



Fadden Pines

Fadden Pines

Fadden Pines

Fadden Pines


  1. Lucky Phil

    I can't believe I wasted my time writing a review for this piece of shit, avoid at all costs

  2. Brenden

    Whoever poured the concrete at this place must have been drunk or mentally handicaped. Kinks everywhere...

  3. matt is sickness

    it pounds but

  4. skateordie

    what the hell

  5. Poonis Futz

    when they removed the metal halfpipe nearby they should've dozed this one as well...craptacular 0 stars

  6. sk8adams@hotmail.com


  7. Jemz

    piece of crap park... they should knock it down and just put a decent mini there.

  8. luke greenwood

    this is my local and it bites i cant believe it got 3 stars i mean civic got 3 starsand it's fuckin rad i hate this park

  9. mike_pearsall

    WHat a fucking hole, when I come to Canberra I stay with my uncle and aunty who live heaps close but I may aswell not bother coming to this peice of shit.

  10. Shogun

    luke i totally agree with you!

  11. mutley


  12. NTB

    I go here with my kid sometimes and used to go with my mates years ago. For some reason the ugly "lump/hump/whatever" where they have extended it brings me joy! Could call it "shit" at first, but the uneven surface brings it up to "good" if you ask me...don't be a lazy spoiled skater...be a real man and explore the terrain :) Bummer about the vert ramp, but hey, it wasn't anything you can't find elsewhere in the ACT.

  13. this shirt is too big


  14. wacka

    fun to skate

  15. PaperBagMan555

    looks Mad!

  16. drew


  17. drew


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