Cooma Skatepark

Coooma NSW 2630 (Just off the main street. Cooma is 394 km south west of Sydney with a population of 7,150)

New Concrete park built by convic. Lots of stuff packed into a small area. Banks, rail, funbox and a couple of bowled out sections. Some weird trannies.

Builder - Convic Skateparks [+]




Most of the tranny's here are all warped and whatnot, not to mention the slippry ass concrete on the ramps. How ever the two down rails off the fun box are really fun and there is a nice little flat box that is cool to learn some stuff on. AWESOME skate shop next to Mcdonalds called RHYTHM. All snowboarders will know this shop as it is top notch!


very fun skatepark but there is usually big numbers of fag-bike riders, im sure some are ok but from memory ive been told to fuck of wqhen ive been skating there, also most of them are older so there's no point in arguing:(


Reasonable skate park, some of the concrete on the quaters are getting rooted from the bikers. But none the less can't wait till the extensions are built !!!

luke greenwood

dam the bikers suck the older guys are cool but the 16 17yr olds suck i got their one arvo and they had thrown a heep of rocks on the park so we couldnt skate their but we made our own park and skate that its wat more fun and no bikes except maybe linden but he is a cool guy


Are u sure u can go up that peice of cardboard..........coz from here it looks like it might break if u even step on it haha lol well peez add me on msn :) lol


looks fukin awsum onli 3 star road trip lmao

free lolly pops 4 every one! except you squid!!!!!

great park!

my names jim, but most people call me jim.

awesome vert dude




yeah nice runup too the ledges down the banks at the non-ghetto park.

luke greenwood

just got extencions and shade sales sooo rad hype hype

crispy is the bom

this park shouldnt be only 3 * its so awesome just go there and see yourself

cataclysmic abyss

looks fukken sweet... how many stairs is it.. the one with the hubbas..??.. and how big are the bowls??


I went ther about 3 yrs ago when i first started skating, i stayed ta cooma for a bloody week since my uncle owns the pub about 100m up yer, itrs called Dodds, anyway park is good, locals are good, even bmx faggots are kewl, so dnt fuken bag out cooma or il fiuken hack ur computer and find out wer u live u nobs COOMA 4 LYF

Jono G

i rate it 4 or even 5 star


yo this parks in my home town its reasonable , its fun when the down ledges and the rails and stuff dont have fucken moldy old tomato sauce or baked on fizzy drink on em , if everythings waxed up and nice , its a fun park to skate.. so dont hate


looks SicK! i waz Down near Cooma Cause I went Snowboarding at ThredBo! Didn't no their was a Sk8 park their though! Yeah I no ay Looks more 4-5* to me!

The Fish

give it a go when i go to the snow fun park and the locals are preety chill aswell


dont bag cooma thats my home town for 14 years and i used 2 ride bmx there its a mad park and a mad town dont start shit about it


Jezz this park has changed heaps since the photos were taken.... still itz a pretty kwl place and itz my hometown.. But the park under rhythm pretty gud too and the one that used to be behind rhythm was alright lol but now aldi has been built there btw acko22- is that u jason.. never knew u used to ride and i didnt know u had lived in Cooma for like 14 yrs.

skoot razor

1 thing GET NEW PHOTOS cooma is a hole nobbdy goes thr thr is a rail nxt 2 bth sides of the park BDSS is the BMX riders and thr a gang of $%!*heads thrs grafiti all ova the plce so like i said GET NEW PHOTOS

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