Coffs Harbour Skatepark

Bray St, Coffs Harbour 2450 (turn west off highway at McDonalds, sk8 park opposite Orara School - Cofs Harbour 561 km north of Sydney, population 23,000)

small street scape, fun box, ramps and grind poles

Coffs Harbour Skatepark

Coffs Harbour Skatepark


  1. Scott Adams


  2. Scott Adams

    me and jezza could rip it up cmon

  3. Scott Adams


  4. jezza231

    wow this park is big not

  5. spider

    is jezza hoo i think it is or just a wanna be like some people

  6. scrat

    he's jeremy wray duhh he's my mate

  7. flipedout1234

    This park sux now its all cracked n shit

  8. Zero Or Die Skater

    i reckon it would be a goog like back yark skate thinggy

  9. Zero Or Die Skater

    god i suck at spelling good* Yard* Thingy*

  10. matt19

    this is my local parka nd it is a 1.hunk of shit 2.waste of is so shit everything is covered in road paint and all other shit and the council wont get of there silly arses and build a new skatepark but are too bust putting in unrelivant bins and useless building and other stupid shit..they said 6 years ago that they are planning a new one then they said nar were over it its so gay NEVER GO THERE UNLESS YOUR GOING THERE TO TRASH IT coz maybe if it gets broken they will have to build us a new one

  11. matt19

    oh adn gang related skate has been closed for years so have fun finding it

  12. ~*ChRyZtAl-Dee*~

    hey peepz add me on msn :) lol


    i have alredy added u

  14. icecream skater


  15. icecream skater

    Coffs Needs A New Park.(Or Come Skate Wopi)

  16. Ice Cream Skater

    Wait Up ..... Stay In Ur Crap Park ,Wopi Is Over As A Shit Lot Of Skaters All Ready

  17. bree_woopi_2456

    The shitest sk8er eva lol.. come to woopi its the shit..! Sum good ppls bust pretty good but it looks shit cos they're at a shit

  18. bree_woopi_2456

    MM i agree Icecream skater come to WOOPI haha m they need a new sk8er and sum better things add us to msn

  19. !venture!

    To small

  20. Darth

    I had to work at coffs for 2 weeks and i skated it nearly everyday. the ledge is sick, the box in the middle sucks and the quarter at the end is ok, the flat bar is alright. the way its not that bad but i would be cut if it were my local.

  21. Talon010

    Darth you know dean gall hey? I used to skate wit him when he lived down here. I love the flatbar and the ledge...quarter is complete shit although I've seen some locals kill it. If u like high flatbars, check this one out. You cant really see it in the photos. Its a bit higher than knee hight i reckon. Pedro day front blunted it first go :S.

  22. menacedan

    it looks SHIT add me on msn

  23. sk8...

    danny way should go here but he will probably break his leg lol!!!

  24. Mitchell Conlon

    AWW PEDRO DAY!!! Woopie doo dah, I can front blunt it and I'm not even a pro. Beside the point Big flat bar, Great box skate, the locals will talk to you if you make the least bit of effort. And although it's a hunk of crap a good skate does go down regularly!

  25. hazzem

    my local go there all the time the parks fucking embarrassing consil shuld get there fucking heads outta there fucking arse and build a new 1 u cant ignor it foreva... its embarasing when tormie and whoppie are much smaller but they hav better parks make us a new 1 .... whos with me...?

  26. hazzem

    a good skater is not hard to find here but

  27. ashleydrew

    use ar all fags ive skated there for years and i still skate now im better than use all and yes im ashley drew i went to orara high itz not the park its use if u cunt skate it well fuck off pussys and grs / are faggets yes stevie u and ur son wanna bee skaterz bitches liez lies lies skate comp me bitchez u young onez ask the older skaters who i am im the best

  28. popsgood

    The flat bar is rad... the grind block is sick... Everything else is terrible. However as said if you go there and the locals (real locals) are skating, it will blow your mind. To see what they can do on such a terrible block of concrete is amazing. If you go to Coffs check out the indoor. Sick mini ramp.

  29. Coffs harBRA

    2 all da h8rz u guys are cooked, this is still the gr8zt park, iv bean roken dis sik shit since da 70's n i m fuken sik ov ur shit mums. 1v1 me all u keyboard warriarz in a shitlezz skate camp i will whip ur shit, 1st 1 2 to get scraped on da hard concreat lozerz n goes home 2 cri to ur mumma bra. 2 u matt19 it iz nt a waste of spaze it is da funken best spaze eva. ur shit and i wil smash u nigga

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