Capalaba Skatepark

Cleveland Road, Capalaba West QLD 4157 (next to the soccer ovals - 23 km east of Brisbane City Centre; Capalaba population is 16,600)

Redlands Youth Plaza contains a 100m long street run with ledges, hubbas, steps and gaps that connects into a feature bowl area containing a 6 to 8 foot bowl with pool coping, hips, sub box, sub rail and stepped back vert wall. There is also a larger connecting plaza with a 12 stair, 8 stair, big 4, access ramp gap, garden gaps, flat bar, manual pads as well a multitude of timber, steel, paved and concrete ledges. The whole space will be lit at night and includes an elevated skateable stage for a variety of different events, treed viewing and seating spaces throughout. This multipurpose public space also has a major performance stage with 3 phase power & event infrastructure, a large lawn court, a redeveloped Rage Cage for ball sports, an art and exhibition space with permanent mounting posts and numerous social spaces for informal gathering and art displays. WAP technology is also included to provide an interface with Councils web page, music downloads and Web surfing whilst at the space.

Designer - Convic Skateparks [+]




first comment looks good

wil daly

2nd comment steeeeeze


faaaarrk that looks so sik.


looks really gd


it is good but it has terrible shit goin for it lyk the run ups for some things hav this gay rough stuff but is a good park for any type of skating its to bad wen i went there it was flooded


man i have to skate this!

Sean Slater

7th comment. nice fuck though qld always get good $$$$hit!!!! Nsw is the iggest hole for skatebording eva!!!!!


the bowl is so much fun, when your not being snaked by amillion bikers


there should be more of these parks

Jack Mac

went there on holiday. its a good park but it has the fucking worst layout ever. bumpy shit is everywhere (almost like skatestoppers) and theres plenty of good stuff that is either blocked off or has a grass landing the big three is fun thou


its a good park not worth going to if u are going to sk8 from the traino but hey fun smooth and heaps of street parts. the bowl is the best tho YEWWW indy to fs 5-0 on the bowl. but yer i will go their again.


sick park, luvin it


Pay to skate place

lord of g-town

love this park soooooooo fun you DONT pay to skate and they have lights so u can skate street durin the night


the street run is like 100m i think. and it is so sick

shane cross 4 life

oh my god i frontside fliped the three block and da park is so fricken gggggggggggooooooooooooodddddddddddddddd


this park is so froth as soon as i saw it i just was frothing and then i started to froth at the mouth literally. Its so froth i just froth out so hard when i skate there. so froth. everyone should just skate there and have a frothed out sesh. its froth

(¯: :sçøttÿ¯åðåms: :¯)

lol enuff frothing or wat lol? nah this park is insane you cant get bored here its so fun i could skate it for 3 days with no sleep and i'll still wanna skate more even if i was about to pass out.


that bowl looks great

ben karena

sweet park fast bowl should be 5 star


best skatepark ive ever been too!! thankyou whoever put in to build this its amazing, haha and yes i was frothing pregrab...


Convic's The Best! They made the 2 best Parks In Aussie. Dubbo and Cairns.


its a grate park but its also good for familys park so u have to dive though little kids


does anyone know what time the lights get turned off?


went there 2day there was no1 was a sick park with 2 stair,3 stair, 5 stair there sick


Looks like a park that would have dozens of little kids getting in your way. Kick ass street park nonetheless.

ant hill

place is dope


went there on the weekend, the bowl is insane, apart from the fact that one of the corners was waxy as hell and we were slipping all over the place, bladers i'm suspecting


coming here again soon,i love this place

skate skate skate

im going to queensland soon so im gonna come here


this is ganna be my local im moving like across the road haha

Thor T

this park is the most best street park but lots of gay scooters

john jackson

is there a train sation near it?

Arthur Meredith

some of the stair bits in the photos are now covered over in banks

Marcus Curran

thats my red car parked in the first two pics


pretty shit

SkAtER bOiiiii

wtf r u talkin about ent??? the park is SICK not shit


this place isn't shit fuck off probs just a scooter fag


good park im only interested in the bowl thow, went there the other day drove 40 minits to get there it was full of glass and no broom.


convic should build something like this in burnside adelaide


Does anyone know how the fu*k you get convic to build you a park??

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omg omg omg i wanna go here so bad!!


its a crazzzy skatepark but nice rails may i just say! :)


wow, thats hectic. looks awesome :D

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